Rana Arslan – Deputy Director Media / Tectiqs’16

One cannot imagine Frodo going on his mission of destroying the One ring without his most trusted friend from the shire, the goofy, dim witted but sometimes brave and loyal Samwise Gamgee. When it comes to dedication and being the person who is there to give you hearty laugh at the end of a tough day, this person is the go to man of everybody. And when it comes to preparing for the battle, this person would be running a tight ship with you running for your life (just kidding, or may be not ;0 ). But don’t worry he would make you look good even if you don’t (mad crazy Photoshop skills. P.S. (Aadhi awam ki DP k photo credits ka award bhi kesi zamaanay men inhi k paas hota tha). But don’t let his aloof attitude fool you into thinking that he is not upto the job. He is all on it like the people are on Biryani at Walimas. Aah, what did I remind myself of, umm, Biryani (starts drooling on keyboard). Well, let’s get back to the man, the myth, the legend, the hulk (in his sweet angelic dreams), the dancer (if you consider flinging arms around dancing), the gentleman, the workaholic (if sleeping was work), the dude to look up to (read: not), party monster (fades away after the first song) and much more (cuz don’t have time for being any more “awesome”). The battle tested veteran (has worked before, can’t seem to get rid of the guy ;0) of Tectiqs, Deputy Director Media, our very own Rana Arslan.
Author’s Note: This piece of writing is a work of satire and should be taken as such. The subject of the piece is in all honesty the same as mentioned above without the puns xD.

by Usama Rabbani / IUIC

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