Realm Of Terrorism

The blizzard of barbarism swallowed the innocence of Peshawar.
Parents howled with grief to see their flowers swaddled in blood.

Virtue has been paralyzed and atrocity has mounted its summit.

Now it seems like the peace creeps in the realm of terrorism.
And Justice is blind and, at times, deaf.

As a consequence, the smell of terror tattles on the kids
let’s throw books and hold guns to avenge the inhuman treatment.
This hail has pounded the innocent hearts.

I bet our silence would chew us up and spit us out
unless the terrorism wheezes its death cough.

It is the time to squeeze its rib cage with education; not war
only then the tree of terrorism will drop its leaves and rest.
And the avalanche of peace will devour anything standing in its way.

Let’s raise the curtain of our adage:
Adore the humanity to escalate affection
Dishearten violence to slow down to a crawl

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