The most beautiful thing in this world is to see your parents smiling .We are running in such time where life is so busy, we are so busy in our lives where we have no time for anyone else without ourselves. Of course we have no time for other but what about our Parents? Are we can’t give him our little time from our whole 24 hours of the day, I don’t think so because our heartiest parent’s has given their whole life to us. They spend their life and work hard to feed us or to fulfill our each and every desire and even to bring a little smile on their children faces. Our Mom and Dad are such a one of the great Blessings of God. When we were so little, we didn’t  know what is right and what is wrong, we didn’t know how to speak and how to eat ,our beloved Mom and Dad has teach each and every thing  to us in a very perfect manner. They treat their child in a very well manner, and they used to answer each and every question that was asked by their child and didn’t angry even their child repeat the same question again and again they always answer it as many time asked by the child but as the child grow up and has learned all these ways to live the life of their own, why he forget it that how his parents treat him when he was so little. When his Mom and Dad are in old age and Used to ask any question or ask about anything about which they don’t have any idea and they repeat their question twice or thrice so why he angry upon them and he used to say Mom/Dad I have already told you about that, why are you don’t understand about it, I don’t want to repeat it many times Then………………… Think about his words that how much his words hurt him and broke their feelings and then tears came in his parent’s eyes and they recall their whole affection and love that they have given to their child. Really they can’t even take any reward of their affection and love but they only wish to get a go
od behavior of their child with them and not even more than Please Respect your Parents and Treat them well……. Remember, you will only know their value when you will see their empty chair, “They didn’t leave you when you were young, so don’t leave them when they are old” because we are so busy growing up and we forget that they are also growing old with the passage of time.

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