Revenge breeds Revenge (Peshawar) By: Abiola

 Revenge breeds Revenge

pehawarbecame their watchword

Now happy with a smile Because Mission Revenge accomplished. Accomplished but not completed because Revenge is an eternal loop, that will continue as long as Man lives on this planet.

This leaves me pondering and wondering, are we not Wilder and more dangerous than Lions and tigers

Don’t ask about bomb Attacks

When Drones kills many in the northern part of Waziristan

Don’t ask about terrorism if innocent children are killed in Syria, Afghanistan,

Don’t ask about the next act of terror

God forbid I don’t know when and where

If the fire of Vengeance is not quenched in the heart of those in the tribal areas

Do not ask of suicide attacks

If you don’t stop bringing the future of our youth to an abrupt end

Do not ask

I repeat

Do not ask!!!!

Same goes to almost every evil act you see

Vengeance is Root of many Evil of many war and disorder

Behind this bloodsheds is a passion for vengeance

But Woe!!!

Woe unto us if we shall not stop

Shall we not stop the wrath of our heartless vengeances?

Shall we not stop our bloodshed politics

Shall we not stop separating babies from their mothers?

Youth from their dreams ?

Men from their wives

Shall we not stop tragedy in innocent homes?

Shall we return back peace in our land?

Shall we return the dead in the war?

Shall we return the victim of Iraqi War?

Shall we return the Dead in Syria, In Palestine, and In Egypt?

Innocent lives will only be lost if the Vengeance loop continues

Is there no other way rather than killing lives after lives?

But even more annoying

I see Revenge in families

Brother taking revenge on their Sisters

Sons taking revenge on their fathers

What’s even more worsening than to see Vengeance used as a weapon of mass destruction?

Vengeance used as an excuse to afflict people

Used by the super powers to have all in their control

Revenge used as an excuse to display tyranny and cruelty

And yet another Revenge breaded by another revenge

Yes it takes the brave to Avenge

But even takes a braver heart to bring change

Revenge as not always been the solution

Maybe we needed not shed innocent blood

Maybe we need not bring tears to the innocent eyes

Maybe we could have been patient

Maybe Dialogue could be used

Maybe Silence could be utilized

Well it’s not too late

Even if it might be difficult or rather impossible to end the continuous revenge after revenge

Maybe we should not add more to it

May be we should take a new approach towards life

Maybe we should prefer equal justice rather than brutal vengeance

Maybe we could just forgive and forget

And live forever happy

Or most significantly leave it to the Greatest One greater than He be praised

To Almighty Allah

For he truly is best of Judge and sincerely severe in Punishment

Think oh People Ponder!!!




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