All Rights For All By: Aslam Kanwan


All Rights For All

Few years ago, I was visiting southern Punjab and few areas of Sindh inhibited by Hindu communities .I observed a lot of discrimination there, Few Hindu children told me that they want to study but when they go to school, they are not allowed to study there because headmaster says that this is the school for Muslim children not for Hindu. That’s they are facing a lot of discrimination on religious bases. So after watching this inhumane and religious based discrimination I decided to work for all human being irrespective of any caste and creed .After that while I was travelling it comes to me that there should be any initiative which will address of Rights of all people .So I finalized the name of that Initiative All Rights For All (ARFA-Pakistan) .

After finalizing all these things I planned a meeting with Late Executive Director Youth Parliament of  Pakistan Mr.Bilal Ahmed Rana  .I explained all my learning during the visit and requested to work with me in my new initiative .They assured me to support me in all circumstances and after that YPP extended its hands in our first ever  training on “Youth Leadership and Public Speaking “

The main purpose of this training was to inculcate leadership and public speaking skills in our team and other members of Youth Parliament of Pakistan .

After  that we have completed different  Social Action Projects (SAP). Their details are given bellow

 In beginning, we started a campaign to collect the shopper bags in our area to make environment clean, we went to the door by door and then visited TMA to continue that circle, that was successful story.

Initiation of Shajarkari Muhim, We planted the plants and trees in different areas of Pakistan.

Labor Day: On labor day ARFA team visits the Hotels, Café, Workshops, and Child Labor places and spends a day with them.

Aftar AT Edhi Homes : From last few years ARFA-Pakistan is giving aftar party and spending a whole day at eidhi old homes.

ARFA-Pakistan has a lot of work for the development of youth in collaboration with many youth organization.

Know Your Rights:

That was the project by Youth Parliament of Pakistan and ARFA collaborated in that, the main theme of that was, to educate the people about their rights .People from grass root level became aware of their rights and they started the right path to avail them.

Trainings and Workshops:

Our 1st training was on Youth Leadership & Public Speaking which was conducted in Lincoln Reading Lounge, National Library of Pakistan which was given by Ajani Husbands, Cultural Attaché, and U.S Embassy Islamabad.

2nd Event was conducted On “Citizen Journalism “.The aim of this project was to educate youth regarding their rights and duties towards citizenship.

3rd Capacity Building Workshop at National Library on Youth Leadership and Public Speaking


Mashal e Rah :

That is a project of Pakistan U.S Alumni Network, in that ARFA is collaboration partner. The main theme of that project is to develop the confidence and career counseling of the secondary school students in the supervision of DCO’s and EDO’s.


Umeed Ki Kiran :

The name of project belongs to ARFA work with in the flood affected areas of Punjab, here our volunteers work with the Pakistan Red Crescent Society in the remote areas and rescued many lives and infrastructure

Youth Parliament of PakistanARFA have conducted many trainings with YPP on Human Rights Education

US-Alumni: ARFA is currently working with PUAN as partner organization in a career counseling program is district Sargodha.

Lincoln Reading Lounge, National Library of Pakistan: ARFA-Pakistan is “Friend of Corner “in Lincoln Reading Lounge managed by US Embassy, Islamabad.

Pakistan Red Crescent Society: Trained our Team to handle and work in the disaster, recently our team is working with PRCS team in flood affected area.

BARGAD: A peaceful society, removal of extremism.

CHRE (Centre For Human Recourse Education) : Working with ARFA , to trained our staff for capacity building and basic human rights ,here in CHRE , No religious restriction ,here we meet with Muslim, Hindu, Christian , so that develops a Big approach.

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