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10313841_374974109363251_2261415879098344914_nRizwan Ali is a common Pakistani. He is doing BS-Mechanical from HITEC university Taxila. Allah has gifted him with some talents. He can even sketch with his eyes closed. Even though his dream was to become an Architect he gave up his dream to fulfill his mothers dream. That is what we Pakistanis are everyone of us giving up their dreams to fulfill someones dream to see them smile or to fulfill their last wishes….
-When were you most scared in your life?
When I came to know that my mother has cancer and it’s not curable now what she has left with only three months. I was scared of losing her.
—-She would no more be there for me haunted me. —-
What I did for her in that time was I spent most of the time with her as much I could. When at first before her disease was not diagnosed for 1.5 years my second home with her in the hospital. And when we came to know about the disease three months before she passed away, I saw the face of my Home only 3 times.-When she passed away how did it affected you?
Things completely changed for me. I lost all the self confidence that I had in me. I got insomnia (a state in which a person cannot sleep) that is still with me. I only sleep three to four hours after three to four days.-Do you think that you will come out of this situation ever?
InshahAllah I believe I will come out of this situation.

– What are you doing now and what you wanted to do?
I wanted to do Architecture, I got admission in NCA but my mother’s wish was that I should become an engineer. And she told me this a week before she passed away. So to fulfill her wish I came to HITEC and now I am doing Mechanical Engineering. For me this time span is my survival period.

– Would you do anything to honor your mother?
Definitely…! There are some things she told me to do before she passed away.

-What would you do?
– That’s personal

– Think again anything that you can share with the people?
I don’t think so that there is anything that I can share here.

-An advice to the people?
Never reduce you self-esteem. Because a person with no money and food is not small but a person with low self-esteem is….”

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