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Just before Internet came into existence or several societies began getting aware about this global system of interconnected computer networks for linking devices worldwide, there was a trend that many people, especially youths, teenagers etc., used to adopt many different ways to interact with each other in public. For doing that, they used to find out restaurants, parks, shopping malls, entertainment spots, historical sites and various other institutions. Such a trend for being social was adopted mainly by siblings, neighborhood friends, institutional fellows, office colleagues and others. But slowly and gradually as soon as Internet actually arrived, people began emailing each other as well, at Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo. Then, the trend of using social networking websites for getting and remaining in touch also arrived.

Day by day, each and every social networking website is being used by all of us. Such trend has been adopted mainly by today’s youth, nowadays. Today’s social networking websites may include MSN (Microsoft Network), Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others. Whether we find out these common social networking websites relevant or a waste of time, but they are also beneficial for us.


It was basically a search engine that looked just similar to Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, and all others. But if we talk about it as social networking website, then I want to tell all my readers that I used to observe my siblings at home, and also fellows at my academic institutions using it for chatting with their friends.

However, I believe that this social networking website could still be used as a search engine. It can come up with individual kind of search results and the website has still kept up with trending world as well as news.


About a decade ago from today, it was a much popular website but failed to keep up with trends and innovate and thus it had to face  debacle. Youth, then, used to communicate with each other by texting to each other, to which they used to call ‘Scraps’. But there never used to be any sort of privacy for this website’s users. And the important thing for you all to know is that the governments of all Gulf Countries had already banned the usage of this website in their countries.

Orkut got shut down since some years, because of more demands and more usage of all other innovative, creative and efficient social networking websites in our fast paced developing times


Mark Zukerberg introduced it around 2003. It provides users the essence of all other networking websites presenting to us as the “be all and end all” way to connect with the world. From news to information to learning, it acts as a single platform for million opportunities and a million minds to connect with one another. It has good privacy policy portal-related facility present for us.

On the other hand, Facebook had unfortunately passed through some controversies in the past as well. Such disputes took place during 2009/2010 against Islam, which shook the whole Muslim world for this reason at that time. But then it came to an end fortunately.

Overall, this one social networking site is being used at every country, at every city, at every place, by every person. Nowadays, I use Facebook not only for remaining in touch with my friends, but mainly for being in touch with various informative updates, such as Pakistan cricket, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, and all such entities.


I started hearing about this website since 2009/2010. The majority of all types of celebrities throughout the world had put the trend of using this website in their fans.

This website’s name had been adopted from a bird’s concept, as the term ‘twitter’ means give a call consisting of repeated light tremulous sounds. So, this social networking website also does the same thing.  Here, whatever message we write here is called ‘tweet’, which means the chirp of a small bird. Therefore, this website does that in some way. And whatever message we share here is known as ‘retweet’. Also, we can upload some images over here.

Today, lots of people worldwide, including celebrities, are using this website very much commonly. They might want to try to give some important messages to all of us as retweets.


It is that website at which we can have all types of video conferencings. It is being used since many years. This website can be used on PCs (desktops and laptops) and today’s hi-tech cellular phones, both. It is used for business and also for personal purposes. Here, we can see each other face to face at live version while communicating with each other.

Generally, this website is so much economical in case of communicating with each other without any cost.


This is another social networking website, but is used by professionals for professional purposes, only. These professionals usually include university professors and their students. Most of my professors and fellows have joined this social networking platform as well, as I usually come to know about it through their emails that they always send to me as the invitation to join this professional type of social circle. At their LinkedIn accounts, such users usually add their professional skills, work experiences, and all such data that can be used to help them at availing more and more job opportunities by others.

On the whole, I believe that LinkedIn is an awesome social networking websites for all university undergraduates, graduates and post-graduates.


This is another trendy social networking website for today, but a pure one. Here, we can upload our pictures and videos, only. But this function requires an Android type of cell phone, by which we can possibly use this website. Otherwise, I believe that this website is not helpful for nurturing our youth in any way.

Therefore, in my opinion, this one website should be there for public figures, celebrities and entities, only, as they can show how and what they are – to the whole world. While the ordinary persons should like or comment at their various posts, pictures, videos etc., only. For e.g., there might be thousands of fans of Shahid Khan Afridi throughout the world, among which I too am included. If I join Instagram, then my only tasks here should include uploading my any picture as a profile picture, add some details about me, and then start liking, commenting, or reacting at Afridi’s any sort of uploaded posts at any time I want to.


This is another helpful social networking website that I want to tell about. Just similar to Instagram, this one website too requires an Android-type phone. Here, we can do everything we want to, like phoning, text-messaging, uploading important pictures and videos, etc.

Just like Skype, this Android application is economical as well, in case of communicating with each other without any cost. It has started been used for business and also for personal purposes since some years.

At the end, I want to conclude by saying that for our today’s youth, all of these social networking websites that have been mentioned above are very much good and suitable. Our youth can use them for educational, for learning, or some other purpose – no matter how much drawbacks do all of these websites have for them. But I myself believe that all of these websites, except for Instagram, are too much helpful for our current youngsters, despite not observing what these adolescents do or don’t do here, by us.

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