Rule Your Life – “Try to” Think Positive By: Nargis Nadeem

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Rule Your Life – “Try to” Think Positive      

“and when you want to achieve something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it ”_Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

During my academic career , particularly since last six years, while I did my bachelors and masters, whenever I bought register/ notebooks for class lecture, I had been lettering some quote relating to positive thinking, success, optimism etc. Having a squint at that particular tag line, gave me new hope, strength and energy. For case, last notebook that I had , had this above quote written on its cover page.

There is glass filled half filled with water. Am I the person who sees a glass that is half empty or that is half full? We live in the world of adoptions. As every depiction has two sides, so has our lives. We can either see the dark flank or be deleterious or can go for positivity to live a peppy life. Being optimistic/Positive thinker leads us to interpret the situations and events as being best by ignoring their dark side and focusing on brighter one. I myself am not a flawless positive thinker that I may suggest others to think positive but at least I am among those people who determinedly shove negativity and “try to” be positive. Few years back when I was doing my bachelors, a movie came on the screen. What it left was these three words in our minds “All is well”. This was the sentence that I could hear from my teachers, class fellows, friends and even every next person fleeting beside me. What was that for? Keeping aside the plot of movie, this was the sentence that was reiterated by hero all the time as he used to mollify himself under stress and he never frowned whatever the situation was. It’s just that a little kid comes to you lamenting and fearful and you start patting him and placate him that nothing is wrong, “Everything is going to be okay”. Same we need to treat ourselves like that kid whenever we agonize. And remarkably this exercise imparts some unique sort of energy.

After doing my maters like so many other people I was fond of applied job life. I had strived to get a good super job but somehow I failed, I failed because of my own pessimism, fear of failure though. And then a day came when I entrusted everything to Nature and after every such failure I had some unique POSITIVE tag line in my mind which usually was “nature must have some better plans for me, this is not meant for me and my time has still to come”. Moreover there are some friends of mine who are so very contented in their lives even after so many problems they have, I cannot forget their counselling indeed, the way they have steered me to grab positivity from the darkness of my life. Optimism really works, the way you think, things mold exactly that way. Even if they don’t, it needs our steadiness and fortitude during the progression and surely  it turns the way we think. That’s what I have practiced intentionally whenever situations has whacked me recent episode I would share here. Few months back I was terminated by an organization during downsizing, I had no choice but to be sad and trying to grab something positive like “Okay there might be something far better than this for me”. BUT the day I was able to have firm faith in my thinking, I had that superior opportunity within few days. So you see that I am not a born optimist but at least I try to be the one. No doubt, optimism goes hand in hand with positive mood, good morale, success and healthier life and one trivial positive thought in morning can change our whole day. Positive thinking works only if we have conviction in it but not if we underrate its majestic power.  All we need is to deliberately practice it until we master it!!!

We need to keep on recapping ourselves that Positive people may hit by same destitutions as negative ones. The difference lies in how they transact with it. Time has to pass after all, either good or bad, clock keeps tiking.we need to be gratified for what we have and be positive in the forthcoming.  Let’s “Try to” look at the brighter side of things and be inspired

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