Rules for Article Writing

Youth Times is a venture of the youth, for the youth, by the youth. We are all about the latest happenings in your world and what you think should be addressed on social media. So, if you think you have an idea worth sharing, an event that the community should know about, or any socioeconomic factors that are affecting your part of the world, write to us about them all. Youth Times is all about promoting you; the youth of today.

But, before you start typing away, here’s a little insight into the kind of literary work we’re looking for:

  • Your article should be stimulating, it’s topic and idea diverse and different. It should promote positivism and present a new outlook on the subject being addressed.
  • Your language should be concise and your prose relevant and to the point. Your grammar must be correct, and article language must be used, not any form of slang. Inappropriate language is strictly prohibited. Your article must have a fitting caption/heading, and political topics are to be avoided. Also, your article length must exceed 500 words.
  • Plagiarized articles will not be tolerated, and your pieces will not be published if found to contain any plagiarized material.
  • When using images, quotes, facts and figures, give proper credit and list the sources.
  • Lastly, we reserve the final decision in publishing your article, when we see fit, remove it if need be, or not publish it at all.

Do take these points into consideration when working on your literary pieces, and once you’re done with them, send them to us at: