Rumors:A preeminent phenomenon in Pakistan

Literal meaning of Rumors are stories or events passed from person to person but has not proven to be true…

Rumors are a social phenomenon which exist everywhere. I am writing on rumors in context of latest incident of accident of a bus of a university in Islamabad. Initially we heard that a bike rider died on spot and girls who were on bus are very injured.Then a breaking news appeared one girl died, then after a while some more girls died.Then a news is heard that spread all over that almost ten girls died and driver and conductor also died.However actually with the Grace of Allah all girls are alive and safe and driver and conductor are also alive. This is just a small example.Our society is doing this everyday on every incident.rumor_mill_md_wm

Question is who is doing this all, what is his purpose,do those factors enjoy panicking our society, is this a conspiracy, is this a fault of our government,what is this? If we observe closely then we will find that it is none of the proceeding cases.Nor its a foreign conspiracy neither a government mismanagement.It will be very difficult for us to accept that its just our irresponsibility and results of our immature behaviors.

Its not a blame it can be easily observed everywhere because how much we are doing it , we are victims of it equally. Its a very common quote that touches most of hearts as it happens to most of us “I like rumors so much because I find so much about me that I didn’t even know” . Even at personal level rumors hardly consists of any truth but it surely effects our reputation that’s why we think it must not happen or should be stopped. Then what would be the case of public matters , Can we take them very lightly.

“Rumors are as dumb as the people who started them and as fake as the people who help”

That are the matters of attention of many people  at the same time.How we can make fun of those issues.I am not talking about evil factors of our society or immature minds , I am talking to mature people and responsible citizens because still we have a large number and we know that to improve our society we need to improve ourselves.

Now lets move to the solution,as we find that in spreading rumors everyone of us is responsible and also that rumors must be stopped or limited because its not fun, it effects someone’s reputation and sentiments. Solution to this problem is we have to take a pledge of not spreading information about which we are not sure that its true.Muslims will better know this rule because this is a saying of their prophet and its obligatory for them to follow this.

“Gossip dies when it hits the ears of a wise person’s ear”

So act wisely and stop spreading information about which you is not sure that its true.I pledge that iI Saba Naeem will not spread information ,I am not sure about it verity.Will you?






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