The Taliban is a Pashtun, Sunni Islamic fundamentalist political movement that ruled Afghanistan for over 6 years. They imposed restrictions and mistreated women. Afghanistan has always been the part of International conspiracy and intervention. In the end of 2015, the Russian and Taliban acquaintances about Russia sharing intelligence and armaments with Taliban were extremely looked down in the national and international media. Russia views Taliban as a security partner in Afghanistan. Russia is now tracking a military backing with the Afghan Taliban, Russia’s new friend under the concept “my enemy’s enemy is my potential ally”. Afghan and American officials are awfully worried of the growing and deepening ties between Russia and Taliban militants, and they fear that their fighting to tumble the Kabul government could complicate the already dense security situations. There have been several meeting between Russian officials and Taliban, till now. Taliban officials terminated the notion that their ties to Russia had whatsoever to do with aggressive Islamic State.

All Russia want is to provide stability to Afghanistan by helping Taliban to resettle there. Kabul leaders think that Russia support to Afghan Taliban mostly appears to be political till now. Senior Afghan security officials considers this coalition to Taliban “A new dangerous trend” as this could bring more complications to Afghanistan security. It is also considered that the public legality that Russia offers to the Taliban is not based on facts rather it is used as a way to fundamentally destabilize the Afghan government and the NATO efforts and strengthen the belligerents U.S. president Donald Trump, who will take office in January, has also nodded a need to expand relations with Russia that’s mean there is a hope that in future U.S. and Russian policies could change. Russia also has broadcasted first-ever joint maneuvers with Pakistan this year, this was publicized on January 22, 2016 by Russian Army Commander-in-Chief Gen. Oleg Salyukov. Iran is also warming up to the Taliban, as they deteriorate their back-up war with Saudi Arabia, which Tehran considers is still patronizing ISIL. Iran has freshly initiated training Taliban troops in camps in Tehran and Mashhad. Even though Russia’s diplomatic propositions toward the Taliban have already received widespread international criticism, Russian policymakers will continue to provide support to Taliban participation in Afghanistan’s reconstruction process and conjoin with the Taliban on all security issues.

Obviously there would be certain implications too of their increasing relations. Russia’s officially declaration of its long-lasting association with the Taliban would certainly have ramifications in Central Asia. Even if the Taliban has fragmented into disagreeing blocs, they will remain temporal rivals of the government in Kabul and currently Afghan bureaucrats won’t be sure that whatever they say to Moscow will not be accelerated to the Taliban. Even after this the Afghan government would be awfully unwilling to cooperate on anything with Russia.


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