Saqib Bhatti – Supervisor Tectiqs’16

Any Breaking Bad fans around? Yeah, sit tight, you’ll wanna hear this. I want you to recall Walter White in the very first episode. What a gentleman he was, how healthy he was, how “well dressed” he was and everything. Done? Now I want you to recall Walter White in the very last episode, how old he was, how angry he was, how messed up he was. Everybody with me so far? Great. Now can you imagine somebody, who starts off his day as fresh as Walter White in the first episode and goes home at night, feeling like he just got shot in the chest? Somebody who lives all those five seasons every single day? Yeah well, we, at IQRA University, see this guy everyday.
Do you know what Jennifer Anniston, Sandra Bullock, Courtney Cox, Jamie Fox and George Clooney have in common? They’re all over 40 years old. You know what else they have in common? They’re all happy. You know why they’re happy?  No… not because they’re rich. Donald Trump is rich. He doesn’t seem happy. No, they’re happy because they’re all unmarried!!! Hey, I am not crazy. You know who else thinks this way? Yeah well, we, at Iqra University, see that guy everyday.
Rumor has it, that Iqra University Islamabad has been organizing an exhilarating gala for over six years now. A thrilling phenomenon, that goes with the name of TectIQs. People who visit this place are known to be the happiest people in the capital. It all seems very merry when you’re there. However, there is this tiny detail about the show, that the university has never revealed. The Supervisor’s post: Legend says that it’s cursed. The person who takes up this mantle, is known to end up in a prolonged state of insomnia, where one can’t eat, can’t drink and can’t even sit peacefully. You know who would agree with that? Yeah well, we, at Iqra University, see that guy everyday.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we are talking about one of the most famous and vital member of team tectiqs and not only just member, he is the head “Supervisor” of the event, Mr. Saqib Bhati. He is a kind of guy who would rather be completely exhausted from hard times which breed success rather than well rested from achieving nothing.
It is indeed due to his continuous efforts and devotion for this event that he is known by another name as well and that name is the “Superman” of Tectiqs.

By Usama Rabbani / IUIC

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