First day of last year in Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University

The sky is covered with white blanket of clouds. Meanwhile, not only  the pitter-patter of raindrops plays music to welcome the spring but also dances as the clip-clop of horses have thrown party on earth and the pleasant smell of wet mud brings fertility to bloom the garden of my thoughts. I am observing this beauty of nature while sitting on a brown and uncomfortable bench of  Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University in front of “Khoka” where all the students are busy with their own activities: few are buying snacks from the khoka, some are using cell phones maybe they are playing games or listening to music sitting on other benches. Some are sitting behind me busy with their books getting prepared for their quizzes and assignment, my own friend of a very white complexion wearing glasses (her glasses creates a chaos in my mind like how can I see the nature if I wear glasses? Will it be more beautiful or less attractive?) is holding her software engineering II book and trying to prepare for her paper on 23 March, 2016 but she sounds like she is not in the mood of preparing as I have been observing her for 10 minutes she is just skimming over the pages but she is in other thoughts and God knows better what is going on in her mind. On one arm distance from her, I am sitting on the same bench holding a book whose 12 chapters I have read and trying to read chapter 13 named “I am called butterfly”. This chapter attracted me more to read as I get mesmerized by objects, birds or anything which can fly and fly with no restrictions. With this in mind, I stopped reading and went to a phantom world of mine where I had some complaints regarding my studies of past 3 years. I am not satisfied with the performance I have for past three years though I don’t know why do I believe that I can do far better than my other fellows ? What do I have inside which keeps me motivated for my future plans? Maybe that is my inner whim which gives me the power of not giving up and the self-confidence that yes I can do it. I was in so many thoughts that my friend pressed the doorbell button of my real world and she asked me to go to the class in order not to miss the class. As usual, in order to capture the moment we took some selfies before leaving. It may sound funny but this is something we are more into it these days.

Online shopping is growing in Pakistan

After a couple of hours, now a group of girls are sitting in a circle and having typical feminine talks including discussing their tribes. For my part, I don’t feel comfortable when people talk about their tribes and at times they are quite ironic about the tribes they dislike. This is what put me in insulation when such topics are discussed as I find everyone is born with their own qualities and uniqueness apart from their tribes but one of my friends always argue with me as she finds it really important for our recognition but I partly disagree with her as I believe one is not born with recognition but one lives to make the people cognizant about one’s recognition through one’s performance in life. When you achieve something in your life, people don’t appreciate your tribe but your own achievement. Anyways, everyone has their own perception and I do respect her opinion.

WorldCup Live on Youth Times

It is 12:45 now and we will get off from here at 2:30 which means I have 2 more hours and 45 minutes. Just a minute ago few other girls have come to the class with a huge noise and laughter. I am sure they will have their laughter lines soon. But as they are being so wild, I am not able to listen to the music at all. I am getting annoyed. I want everybody to keep quiet. Noise is not the only thing which annoys me but also the people with superiority complex. People who make others feel inferior to them. I want such people to be lost in a noise where none can be able to listen to them. However, those girls are still screaming wildly unaware of their future like what are they really going to face? Will they always be able to laugh this way? On other hand, do they really have to behave in that way? Do they really sound like disciplined and educated? Or no they have the right to live in any way they want to. Education has nothing to do with enjoyment. Let them live the moment who knows who is living their best moment right now.  Who is going to miss the same moment few years ago? Above all, will I listen to their laughter again? Oh yes, let’s learn every positive thing out of negative things and make our lives better and easy.


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