Seasonal Muslims and Ramadan

Seasonal Muslims and Ramadan
The Holy month of Ramadan has just started. Mosques and madrassahs are getting to be filled up. Ramadan brings with itself a blow of fresh air which creates a spiritual atmosphere everywhere. Even the people who do not pray regularly go to mosques to fulfill the needs of their religion. For complete thirty days the mosques stay alive because of the enthusiastic Muslim worshipers including children, youngsters and old people. Crazy how even one day before Ramadan the mosques are empty but from 1st of Ramadan all the rows in mosques get occupied. Should we call those people who are there to pray ‘Seasonal Muslims’?
Why should they be called seasonal Muslims when everybody kneels down in front of Allah for his or her personal purposes? Only few people are there whose prayers are strictly for the sake of Allah and are not meant to get their worldly affairs done. Those few people are Walli UL Allahs and Sufis who are hard to find nowadays, otherwise everyone is there to get one’s wishes granted by Allah. Is it justified to discourage a person who is about to give a new start to his relationship with the Almighty? Of course it is not. In the Holy Quran Allah says to his men that if you will take one step towards me then I will take ten steps towards you. What a beautiful way to encourage a non-believer towards the right path. Everyone needs a cause to get closer to God and worship Him. Similarly, Ramadan is also a cause so a person who is taking privilege of this month should not be bullied.
What is our social media doing?
It is sad what is happening nowadays on social media. Memes are posted to make fun of the people who are trying to get themselves scheduled with prayers unlike what they do in normal days. Tweets are made on such issues just to get a few hundred likes. Discouraging people who are trying to get regular with their prayers in Ramadan is a total cowardly act. Instead of wasting your time on creating an oh-so-sarcastic tweet that will own you thousands of likes you must peep in your collar first. Condemning someone for being regular in his prayers just for one month can deviate him from the true path for the rest of his life.
Quality VS Quantity
People who think that a big crowd in mosque can determine the level of sincerity towards Islam are at mistake. It is a person’s good will and positive intention that matters. Just a single person with a fixed obscure is enough to be set as an example of a true Muslim. You can see it in his action that how true of a Muslim is he. Sometimes the quality is more important than quantity. Therefore, if a person is performing his religious duties let him do it. Be it more or less.

Long lasting effects of Ramadan!
If a so called Seasonal Muslim is able to decline at least one of his bad habits during this month let’s say he stops telling lies then he has certainly found the true essence of Ramadan. This will become a part of his daily routine and he will become honest. Following a complete cycle of five prayers a day and recitation of Holy Quran will leave positive affect on a person’s lifestyle.
Being judgmental on someone’s actions!
We should not be judgmental about a person’s religious affairs. It cannot be judged that how sincere a person is who is praying because it’s his matter with Allah. At the end of the day its Allah who knows what is inside our hearts may be the person who doesn’t pray is more close to God than the one who is fulfilling all of the Haqooq UL Allah. Islam teaches us to be tolerant and if we cannot appreciate someone’s first step towards the right path then what kind of Islam we are following?
ALLAH the turner of hearts!
Finally, it is the fact universally accepted that Allah is the turner of hearts you never know when He turns your heart away from the right way and when you get the light of truth. Hence, we should make ourselves a little more patient and encourage these “Seasonal Muslims”. Instead of pulling their legs we should support them for they are doing something right which will not harm you or even themselves.


written by: Farwa Yasmeen

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