Self Defense Tips Everyone Should Know!

No matter if you are a girl or boy you have equal chances of getting into danger by all means. You can get a chance to meet danger anywhere because it comes without invitation. So what will you do if you get into a situation where survival becomes compulsory and the only way to survive is by knocking the person down. Worst part would be if you don’t know karate which usually people don’t so what you should do in that case.


Well I have some tips over here that are equally effective for males and females and would get you out of problem to some extent. Check them out:

Don’t panic!

In any of the situation whether the attacker wants something from you or hurt you physically the very first thing you should do is stay calm and don’t panic at all. If you will panic then the attacker will become more violent towards you. By staying calm and keeping yourself cool will help your mind to think what you should do next and it will all happen within nanoseconds. So if you will panic then your mind would not be able to think of any self defense technique properly and timely.

Don’t be an easy prey

Once an attacker approaches you for any means let’s say he wants to snatch your cell phone don’t behave like a good target. You can shout right at his face so that he can come to know that you are not an easy target. After that what you should do is keep moving because if you will be stationary then the attacker will find it easy to target you with punch or a gun. So just keep changing the posture of your body and this will also draw the attention of the attacker from his goal.

Quick attack using hands and feet

Obviously nobody is always prepared to defend one’s self with a gun or a knife. Nor you would carry such things with yourself while going out and still if you have it in your bag or car you would be unable to grab them out with the attacker at your head. In that case the only object you can use to protect yourself is your hands and feet. Eyes, nose, knees and groin are the most sensitive parts of the body and are easy to target while using hands. You can quickly poke into the eyes of the attacker and get a chance to run.


If not then using the heel of your palm you can strike under the nose of the attacker with full energy and power that you have. This will cause a severe pain and he will be unable to respond back for few seconds.


Using your foot you can kick the side of the knee of the attacker. But for that you will have to be very quick and flexible. The result will worth it because the attacker would not be able to follow you back with a broken knee and you can look for a help in meantime.

Lastly, just kick in the groin of the attacker using your knee or shine and he will definitely get his lesson.

Spice spray

Girls can easily carry spice spray in their bags. This would be the best thing to use in your defense without causing too much damage. Pepper spray would just cause a temporary blindness to the attacker and that would get you enough time to escape from the spot. It is so handy that even boys can carry it in their pockets.



Punching game is high!

If you are walking alone and have the keys of your car or home with you, get them tangled within your fingers and make a fist while walking. In case if you get into trouble a punch of this kind will do for you.

Stay safe!

Written By: Farwa Jasmeen



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