Why protests in an Islamic-republic for Sharia


Is there any truth in the protests and allegations that Pakistan needs Islamic law i.e Sharia. When we talk to Islamic sects they always seem dispirited of our law. why they think sharia implementation will solve all the issues? But who will decide sharia and how?


Our first semester just started. Among other credits,Islamic Jurisprudence (Usul al Fiqh) was one. Prof.Dr Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq is going to teach us that credit . We are students of Economics and finance we were thinking this is quite irrelevant course for us.But now when we have attended some classes of this course I think I found some answers.

In our one lecture when we properly had some discussion sir told us that he is Director General Islamic Research Institute .He is a researcher and since a long time he is searching on Islam and Islamic principles.We started  with the base line that what is difference between sharia and fiqh. Most of us don’t know that sharia and fiq are different.

Is there any difference between sharia and fiqh?

I always heard that there is Sharia or fiqh means the same. Later I come to know that sharia is broader term then fiqh. Sharia contains our day to day activities , our everyday dealings our routine matters and a small part of it is fiqh.

Its not a matter related to only pure religious sect, it is related to all of us , a common man. We all should have knowledge of Sharia. Our professor told us how we should deal with others , How a person should carry on his business in today’s world, how he should lead his personal life ,even all the rights and wrongs of today’s world is  defined in our sharia. We just need to search and ask. We very easily disagree with each other on matters related to shariah but actually no body told us that yes we differ but in the matters of fiqh only.

Why this topic allure me to write? Answer is because I think we are very easily misguided in the name of Islam. I asked a simple question to my professor that why constitution of Islamic republic of Pakistan and Islamic sharia is not the same?

Answer I received from my professor was a little shocking to me.As he said “who said so? This is not right… Our constitution i.e constitution of Islamic republic of Pakistan is exactly according to Islamic principles”.Then I recalled myself that yes we read so many times that it was clearly mentioned in objective resolution that no law will be implemented against Islamic Principles.And Objective resolution is still apart of our prevailing constitution.then how we can get confused by these protests and allegation.




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