Shattered Minds of the Children of Broken Homes By : Zaineb Hashmi

“Oh God!save me,
Save me from this cruel world,
For there is no one for me,
no one for me God,
I cant bear the cruelties anymore,
Oh God,save me…. “

This can be read in the eyes of a child that belongs to a broken home..not only his home is broken but his expectations,feelings and dreams along with his family is demolished to the ground. It is indeed a bitter truth of life that many of our kids are facing these days.It is the dismantling of the walls of emotions and trust that makes a house a heavenly place for a family to live in.In these cases,who suffer the most? are they the spouses? no,the children suffer the most and the shattered pieces of their dreams and lives keep on piercing them for the rest of their lives. The need to express themselves is buried deep inside them leaving them hollow and empty. These introverts mostly donot get stable in their lives however it can be achieved through encouragement and courage by the kids themselves.So many secrets are buried in that forged smile on their blank faces.Psychiatric disorders make their lives much more difficult than it already is. Imagine yourself; you cannot trust anybody or any word said by others..Can u live a life like this? Ask yourselves..Loneliness and the inexpressive nature adds to their problems. These broken hearts seem to get attracted by anyone who shows a little care even and the attachment is always a problem to let go.They don’t consider themselves as normal kids and therefore despite having talent fail in most of the exams of life.. But In my opinion, these kids should courage up and utilize their willpower to the maximum..The parents should also think a million times before making any tough decision that might compromise their next generation because the ugly truth is; IT DOES…
Every person in this dilemma should play their part to stabilize as broken homes are kind of a plague these days..spreading like wildfire..maybe playing our part can save many souls towards emptiness.

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