Silence By Sana Hasan

Its the darkest hour of the night, as i walk down the empty hospital hallway. There is an eerie silence in the hallway, no one is here as if everyone vanished into thin air.
There is only me, in this emptiness, in this darkness , in this lonliness and in this abyss of lost souls.
As i walk by the hospital doors, i can feel the sadness within. I can feel the pain and sorrow residing within the hospital doors.
As i keep walking by, i think what is this life?
Everyday going through the sadness.
The pain.
The anguish.
It gets unbearable each day. Each single moment. To see the one you love, on a white bed; not knowing the next if you will be able to talk to him or not. To see his condition get worse and worse, and person you used to know is no more. The person you are is no more.
As i walk back , my steps getting heavier with each step, my feelings getting darker with each, I see my mother through the window. In the worst condition yet, how can one bear to his mother like that?
To see a mother, filled with so much love and hope; to be destroyed by this illness. This illness which changed her.
My mother is strong. But for how long can she be strong ?
She suffers each day . Each day of her life filled with pain. I dont want to see her like that. I want her to be in peace. To be happy. To have love. To not have pain. To not suffer. To not see the jail like hospital walls each moment for her life.
I cant bear to see you like that mom, i want you to be in peace and tranquility. Please bear this for longer , and soon i know you will be happy.

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fahad farooq

fahad farooq