Sleep Deprivation

Peaceful sleep is a blessing but there are several factors which result in a sleep loss or sleep deprivation. It is caused many different physical e.g. wrong intake of food, emotional such as stress or anxiety; environmental like noise and psychological factors e.g. mood swings.
Shift work schedules also disrupt a person’s internal system and thus, their sleep and waking cycles. People working late at night when to arrive home, are faced with challenging time reminders. Therefore, they often have difficulty adapting to their work-balance schedule. Furthermore, many of us have experienced the disruption in our sleep that is referred to as jet lag. Fatigue linked with jet lag is the foremost concern in aviation, predominantly with travel across time zones.
Lack of sleep increases the probability of cognitive faults and the risk of errors or accidents, though the degree of these effects differs from person to person. Moreover, when a person is always is in the hurry ,gains weight, becomes impulsive and feels restlessness as well as is unable to remember things for long is said to suffer from sleep disturbance.
Insomnia is a common sleep disorder can be instigated by psychiatric as well as medical conditions, harmful sleep habits, specific substances, and other definite biological factors. Trouble falling asleep, low energy, and cognitive impairment, such as irritability or aggression. Difficulty in personal relationships and at work or school is some of the symptoms of sleep disorders .Sleep apnea is caused by the soft tissue and muscles in the back of your throat breaking inwards during sleep. Sleep apnea is also a type of sleep deprivation, influencing the brain and body functions.

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