Smartphone Security: The Essentials

From Doctors to Patients, Teachers to Students, everyone own a Smartphone nowadays. This incredible device combines a mobile or cellular phone with a Personal Computer and gives its user a wide range of services. But when it comes to tools, the more useful it is, the more dangerous it can become. Which makes the concept of Smartphone Security very important in the modern era.

Fortunately there are some easy ways to make your Smartphone secure from attackers:

Connect with care:
When public or unsecured WiFi hotspots, avoid visiting sites that require personal information such as password, credit card numbers etc.

WiFi router security:

To secure the router, consult it’s user guide, which will direct the browser to a predefined URL or IP address where you can do the following:

  • Configure the wireless network to use WPA2-PSK with AES encryption for data confidentiality.
  • WiFi password must be complex and at least 15 characters long.
  • Change the default username, if permitted, and password.
  • Change the default wireless SSIO.

SD card protection:

Never give your SD card to anyone and always use password for it. Avoid selling the SD card with the device, as data can be recovered from it after deletion.

Remove unnecessary application:

The less the number of applications there are in your device, the less the chance of outside attack. Always install applications from authorized stores i.e.

  • Android phones – Google Playstore
  • Iphone – Itunes appstore
  • Windows phone- Windows appstore

Use a strong PIN:

  • For PIN, avoid numbers from your birth date, national identity card number or similar.
  • Keep you PIN or password secure and private.

Use GPS Feature Wisely

  • Limit the apps that allow the tracing of location via GPS.
  • Think before you use Geo-Tagging for Snaps and Pictures.

Always remember to note and save the IMEI number of your device, as it can be used to track or block the phone in case of theft.

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