Socializing- A Killing Curse but Sometimes a Bliss

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Socializing- A Killing Curse but Sometimes a Bliss

Socializing is an action of behaving in a friendly or sociable manner, but this is a bookish definition and every culture or country has its own definition. As I’m a Pakistani I’ll be discussing it in Pakistan’s context.

Socializing over Motive

Around us we’ve got many people who want to socialize, that in my dictionary means to talk and to listen. But people around you normally have got a motive. Socializing is merely to achieve something related to your position i.e. if you are in school, college or University you’ll see people who start talking to you about ‘how are you’ and ‘garmi bht he yaar’ but in third sentence there comes a favor and Bang!!! ‘Hey are you done with the assignment? Actually my house was flooded with guests. I want yours, I won’t copy, just idea lena hai’ You are like “what is the best way to kill you, should I punch you in the face or push you from the third floor” because everyone who says I won’t copy is going to do the opposite of it.
If you are a working person then copy-paste the starting two sentences and third sentence will be ‘ hey please take my CV and submit it where ever you find a good job and you are like “han han me to esi kam k liye betha hua hun, mera kaam tou apke chacha jee krenge”.
Reading this you must be smiling but for a second think of these moments in your own life, I bet your memory will be flooded with these KILLING moments.

Socializing over Technology

Now coming to the other side of socializing which is really popular in today’s world that is Socialization over technology. You want friends go join Facebook, want Followers then join Twitter, want to have music buddies then join Soundcloud, want to have professional contacts then join LinkedIn, want super-fast messaging then join Watsapp. Many other socializing websites are launched. This was just a gleaming description of socializing over technology because there are some people in this world who find happiness by teasing people, who like to poke you when you are standing on the edge of a Mountain, who like to follow you just to stalk you and keep an eye on your activities, who send you a connection request on LinkedIn just for a chit chat.

LinkedIn is an emerging social website. You must be scratching your head and thinking so hard that LinkedIn is a professional website but believe me people are naughty by nature and they do opposite to what is meant to be done with the things, i.e. Change the picture you’ll start getting a huge response but on the post “I’m looking for a job in Abc sector” the response will be like literally nothing. In short you’ll get every kind of fun from LinkedIn except any help for a job.

That was a long discussion on socializing over technology because almost 80% socializing is done over Technology. In your so called friend list you’ve got 0.01% people whom you are really friends with and the rest is your colleagues, teachers, co-workers, bosses etc. The funny thing is whom you have met just 1 or 2 times call themselves your friend and you are like “Are we FRIENDS??? Really!!!” And you start recalling the moment you met this freak and curse it.

Need of Real Friends

No matter how long your Facebook friend list is, how big your number of followers are, how long your list of professional connection is, you can always count your true and honest friends on your fingers of just one hand, ok well I must be exaggerating but there is a limited supply of friends in this world with whom you can share your secrets, you can cry on their shoulder and they’ll say ” Insaan ban ja, shirt na gandi kar, ye le Tissue, kaha be tha aysa na karna”.   They will keep on insulting and abusing you but still you can trust their advices.

The point of this discussion is that you can truly socialize with no one but your good friends, who act as a ‘Legal Advisor’ at the time when you have done something wrong, as a ‘Physiotherapist’ when you want someone to listen your confessions or just your blaa blaa, to whom when you say ‘yar I’m fed-up of this life’ he will look you through your eyes and say “to phr tere kull k chawwal khany kab aun?” and also as a ‘Secret Vault’ when you want to share your secrets which sometimes you can’t even share with your parents or siblings. In short a friend is a complete companionship and Socializing package.

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