“Congratulations it’s a boy” these words can change the lives of parents as it takes nine months for their dream to get fulfilled but sometimes denouement remains incomplete when they come to know that the baby born has a disability. Excluding few educated and sensible parents a high proportion in our society raise these children keeping in mind that no one can fight with fate and what else they could do except compromise. We call them special children but somewhere in our brains a thought prevails considering them as a burden to society. The relationship between mind and heart is same as that of words and actions, most often one is opposite to other. We call these little angels special but practically we are treating them as unpretentious creatures.

Special is a title given to one who has some extraordinary quality which is not common and deserves appreciation and attention. It is a scientifically proven fact that disabled children have some innate abilities which become evident only in those handled with great care but in our society despite of exploring the hidden qualities, understanding their sensitive nature, parents feel ashamed of having such children and avoid introducing them to their friends. If we ignore a normal child it would definitely have a devastating impact on his personality but no one thinks that the same behavior with a child who is special, different from normal, requires extra response otherwise it would completely destroy his life.

In Quran it is clearly mentioned; “Not for (idle) sport did we create the heavens and the earth and all that is between!” (Al-Anbiyaa’ 21:16) We as a Muslim have strong belief in that but still we are heading towards opposite direction which is a big dilemma. There are many examples where these special ones have proven themselves distinctive and peculiar ones through their remarkable achievements. Nick Vujcic from Australia is the most common example who despite of not having limbs did what a normal person cannot do. He did his Bachelor’s in Commerce with double major’s in accountancy and financial planning from Griffith University and now working as motivational speaker. He is also a writer. His parents feel proud of having a son like Nick despite having other normal children. Nick is now happily married and has a normal son. He has proven himself special in real terms just due to support of his family and friends.

In Pakistan, this issue needs to be highlighted and emphasized strongly. There are many organizations built solely for treatment and education of special children but most of these organizations are private, surviving on charity and funding from privileged people. The role of government is just like few drops added to the sea. Those very few institutes established by government lack proper management, decorum and resources. Government should take notice and give special attention as these cute angles are equally important for better future of Pakistan as others. Their institutions should be provided with equal amount of resources as in the schools of normal children. The main problem lies in the mentality of our nation which is racing towards so called modernization but the variation in thinking ability is still constricted. We are those people who realize the value of a pearl after losing it. A huge responsibility lies on the shoulders of youth of Pakistan to serve these children selflessly as their future is also associated with our time and attention.

Faiza Latif


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