Sports By: Ali Ahmad Mufti



Activities which make you active physically, socially and mentally are formed in one word “sports”
The above words that are been related with the topic are good related to each other ,Usually physical games are meant with sports which make’s the one perfect in his physic and make’s him/her good in health , mentally active and good sense of thinking is also concerned with the good health as proved by several researches and socially it is clear that when some one takes part ,the number of spectators are there to take a look , when you are socially active, crowd is there to see you and obviously fame is the sign of active participant in any thing .

Any sports that are played usually consist of set of rules and regulations are imposed on the participant that to play in the grounds of the given instructions, when something that is started by some proper way leads to the sense of fair play and by following the rules it makes a good concept about taking a start of anything in a proper way, and how to spent his/her life in a smooth way with some boundaries.

Sportsmanship and Sportsman spirit are usually co-related with the term sports ,the meaning of sportsmanship is to play the game according to the rules that by the game is been setup and sportsman spirit is “no matters you win or lose your attitude towards the opponent tells the whole story” . Sportsmanship is the key thing in any sports and Sportsman spirit shows the reaction of your personality, sometime it is used to judge the inner conditions of his/her attitude, whether his/her has an aggressive or a cool thinking.

Nowadays, Sports is not been adopted as having tough schedules and busy life but there should be sometime for ourselves for our health that is providing us the strength to work like a machine ,as our time tables are been set for breakfast, office works, lunch , dinner, for outings as well there should be at least one or half-an hour for physical activities such as running, jogging ,exercise they are also a kind of sports, any outdoor games such as cricket, football, basketball, indoor games like squash, badminton etc.

Remember, There should be one to two hours for ourselves, for our lives it will help the one to establish the better relation between his mind and heart although schedules will not allow any body to work on it but at least think to do work on it, when you will think you will be able to do it as practical one day

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  1. Ameer Hamza
    November 22, 2014 at 9:37 pm — Reply

    A good Article indeed….thinking to start playing games from now onward (y) .

  2. noorulainfatima
    November 23, 2014 at 3:40 am — Reply

    its good to have some sports so lets have some sports with sportsmanship….:)

  3. Hassan A.G
    November 23, 2014 at 4:45 pm — Reply


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