Students in Iqra University Islamabad

Students in Iqra University

Somewhere between the public interest and  updating statuses ,people have forgotten how to judge an institution. Since 1998, Iqra university has been increasing its worth among the other educational institutions.
Most of the parents advice their children not to get admitted in iqra. What is the reason?
It might be the reason that we put more effort in bringing one’s talent out then putting them into the sack of books? it’s not that people are foolish, they are actually following the old system and they are not ready to handle the change.

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I do not feel ashamed  while saying that people just need something to gossip about on social media without even knowing the actual worth.
To enhance the exposure of students in Iqra University, Islamabad campus organized a Model United Nation conference in which students from universities all over Pakistan participated. When the first chapter of MUN took place in Pakistan at LUMS in 2004, maximum number of Best delegate awards were earned by none other then Iqrians. They gossip about low merit of induction, yes we induct students who secured 45% in intermediate. What do we do next ?

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We Polish our students and we make an average student into a professional debater, a professional actor and yes a professional engineer.
I feel sorry for those who make fun of Iqra university, The thing is that they cannot reach the level of excellence and professionalism that our university has to offer.
A professor who gives lectures at NUST , is also a visiting faculty at Iqra university. I personally respect the worth of all the Universities in Pakistan. Please refrain from such rumors my fellows, this will not effect me but it might hold back someone from missing out on a greater opportunity by not choosing this university.


Written By : Syed Ahsan Zaidi

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