Team Tectiqs’16

Since its very first season, TectIQs – the annual mega event of Iqra University Islamabad – is being held very successfully. The main reason behind its success is the hard work, great efforts, work dedication, and all other such resources being shown up by this signature event’s key players and team members.

This mega event is held annually – but during November/December only. And every year, some months just before the new season is held, the preparations get started by IUIC. But for that, a team is required, that can help at planning, organizing, leading, controlling, managing, running all sub events, stalls, arranging the ceremonies, meal sessions, and lots of other tasks. So, the university campus arranges the candidates by nominating them, then electing and selecting them, and then hiring them at various designations – to carry out all such great responsibilities. Such candidates might include not only the faculty members, but students as well. They might play the role of Presidents, Secretaries, Marketers, Heads, Advisors, Coordinators, Managers, Advisors, Supervisors, and all other such players. These all members help to create a team for running this mega event together at every season successfully.

In the previous seasons, Team TectIQs involved many many talented players, like Yasir Nafasa to Osman Hashmi, Dr. Osama Mir to Muhammad Bilal, and many others. This time, we still have such stalwarts with us, which include Syed Asim Kazmi, Osama Rabbani, Tabir Abid, Kinza Nazar Sadiq, Rabia Zafar, Mohib Mir, and many others.

I have observed since the very first season that the members of Team TectIQs of every season start their work many months ago; work day and night; just overlook the current weather situations at which they can work and cannot work; never bother about the harsh working conditions; utilize their work skills; show their dedication; and prove their loyalty for this entity – for the greater success of this signature event. This is happening for many years.

Now, for this upcoming ‘TectIQs 2016’ season, I want my readers to know and understand that the members of our current Team TectIQs have worked as the backbone for this upcoming season. They, as an adroit squad, have put so many efforts, which, we believe, would be the vital essence towards the success of this event. They would be responsible to bring you an amazing ‘TectIQs 2016’.

Therefore, we wish our Team TectIQs best of luck and expect the best out from them.

by Mutal Rahim / IUIC

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