As it is an emerging trend that every university have its very own signature event similarly we also have our very own signature event by the name TECTIQS. Tectiqs is the National event hosted by our university, offering more than 50 sub events.

Ladies and gentlemen, a chill in the air can be felt, as something’s about to go down, as the newest installment to the franchise is here. This year Iqra University Islamabad Campus, will host the 6th chapter of its brand event.

Like every other event, Tectiqs didn’t just drop from the sky like first dribble of rain, it came into its existing form by passing various stages and immense efforts of faculty and students. Tectiqs is not only the signature of our university but it has become a reason of recognition for our university. Tectiqs is the mark of absolute brilliance showed by the students and faculty and not only brilliance but also the vast experience of different people.

This year the 6th chapter of “Tectiqs” will be an entertainment platform for engineering and programming geeks, it’s going to be a Wembley for Futsal-ers, Royal Albert for theatre lovers, Symphony Hall for music maniacs, The Carrousel for fashion designers, an arena for gamers. It is a platform not only for interacting with people from different universities and educational backgrounds, but also for nourishing and testing your skills, challenging yourself, striving for exciting prizes and of-course treating your taste buds to some yummy food stalls and above all, having a good time.
So Ladies and Gentlemen, grab your registrations and be a part of it.


By Usama Rabbani / IQRA University

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