Tectiqs 2017

Why would I want to be a part of TECTIQS?

A good question indeed. Not one that I will let go unanswered. The very reality of life lies in our choices and if we choose to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, there has to be reasons that go deeper than random inclinations. So let us decipher the ever so bewildering enigma that is in this decision.

Perhaps being too dramatic is in our nature. Maybe one would want to be a part of TECTIQs simply for the promise of sweat and sorrow. To not relish the serenity of this weather but to bleed tears of hard work and diligence in it. Instead of cherishing these euphoric rains and desolate thunders, we should run about in a mindless clash of mettle just so one drenched soul can be named champion of his or her respective sport. Well, certainly not! What can I say; maybe humor is a part of our nature as well.

Jokes aside, let us truly come up with five reasons why you or I would want to be a part of this sumptuous event.

TECTIQs is almost synonymous to exposure. And exposure is to the talented heart what air is to our body. It is a necessity. Without which, skill withers and the spirit breaks. How much greatness has gone unrecognized merely for the simple reason that there was no one to nurture it and that no voice called for it. Well TECTIQs can be your calling. You no longer have an excuse. What you have, is a possibility.

And for the honor of holding that ever so elusive trophy. Say what you will about people and their shallow intentions but sometimes something apparently so small is worth all the effort in the world. How that one moment of being named the hero of your sport is enough. Enough? Intoxicating, dare I say? And the tougher the grind, the grander the triumph. And those two words certainly define TECTIQs well, tough but grand.

If not even for victory, I would join TECTIQs to brandish my talents. To adorn the campus not with lights but with my artistry and with my passions. To paint, to play, to sing, to clash and to endeavor in whatever shape or form that matters to me. But what matters to me most is that I don’t let this opportunity pass me by but to seize it. For I, like you, have a personal responsibility to my gifts and to the things that set my soul on fire.

A platform for learning. Learning what you might ask? Well, only the most indispensable lesson in life, tenacity.


Courage and resilience in the face of adversity. For even though victories are what we seek, I can attest in good conscience, that the defeats are what we remember most vividly. Losing in things you love is perhaps one of the cruelest fate there is. Perhaps that is why true champions are as humble in victory as they are in defeat. Because they remember. Because of their indelible wounds. And TECTIQs teaches perseverance, which is something we desperately need in life.

With TECTIQs comes competition, real competition and with struggle comes growth. And so unappreciated goes the unseen. Victory is what we should yearn, true, and that too with an astounding compulsion but what we should internalize is growth. And as a video game enthusiast and an absolute fanatic of basketball, I can tell you that my need for victory is overshadowed only for the care I have for my skill. And people who truly care know that they are in sheer love when they face opponents, better than themselves, in a sport that they cherish. Tectiqs sets a very high bar for skill. The sphere of participants goes bigger than the university itself, much like our passions and so the promise of competition and of growth is certainly why one should sign up.

For exposure, for victory, for passion, for learning perseverance and more than anything, for growth.

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