IQRA event Tectiqs In My Belief

TECTIQS In My Belief

Just some years back from now, while living in Islamabad, I have observed some academic institutions of this city starting and then adapting the trend of holding competitions of various extracurricular activities once per year among students of their own and other schools, colleges and universities, both, till date. Such institutions may include Froebel’s International, Roots, Nust, Fast, Beaconhouse, and many others. Similarly, while being at IQRA University Islamabad between 2006 and 2013, I have observed our campus starting such mega event by the name of TectIQs as well.

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This annual mega event got started during Fall 2011 semester ~ mainly by the students of Engineering, Computing and Networking. Also, the students from Business Management, Social Sciences, Fashion and Design Departments also collaborate on such occasion every year. It is held every year during November/December at every Fall. Till now, all five seasons have been held, and therefore, the upcoming season of this year, which would then get started after some days, would be known as the sixth one of this annual mega event’s whole series.

During the first three seasons, this annual mega event got organized just for two days. But the first two seasons were held in the simple way with less number of competitions and less number of stalls as well. While the third season was organized at larger scales. Although I could never participate at any sub event of this annual mega event till date – but still remember that this season had so many stalls of foods and other items. Also, this season was organized in the carnival style. And for this, I believe that all credits still go to the event manager Saad Khan of Saad Khan Events – who is a great friend of ours as well. Then again, for this reason, this same event management company got hired for fulfilling our same purpose – for the fourth season that got held for three days for the very first time in history.

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Again, I remember about the last season, i.e. the fifth one, which was organized last year. For this season, the responsibility of Presidency or Head was given to Faizan Ul Haq. So, under him, this season was organized for about four to seven days – i.e. from Monday to Sunday. This time, another sub event got introduced as hard ball cricket tournament as well. But, because cricket hard ball is not a safe thing to handle – as it can harm and also kill someone – this one competition was held at a beautiful cricket ground of the city. This tournament got started from Monday and then got ended on Thursday – on that day when the rest of this TectIQs mega event started – but at IUIC only. On the whole, all acknowledgements for this season, as I still believe, went to Mr. Asim Kazmi – a hardworking artiste along with being a true Iqrian.


This time, TectIQs’16 is going to happen in the similar, i.e. from November 21 – but under Anas Ahsan Siddiqui. This time again, Asim Kazmi would play the role of Director Marketing along with being an official photography sponsor for this season. So, we all are excited again about this season – and we hope that this time also, TectIQs would bring joy and happiness onto our faces, as always.

As according to my experience, I want everyone to know that while being at IUIC as a student, you then start getting to know about TectIQs and all other such events that happen here every year. After attending them, you then start knowing about such events and also start liking them forever. Even after you graduate away from IUIC, you still start missing such events – and then make your mind that you would never ever miss to attend them at all – no matter what. After your studies, you either try to become regular professionals, marry, start living at other city or country – but you would never ever miss to attend this mega event at all.

According to what I believe for TectIQs and all such events that happen at IUIC, I always remain in touch and then prepare myself for attending them at every cost, no matter what. TectIQs is not like any other event that happens worldwide. That such event may include a Lifestyles Exhibition, a concert, party, wedding, carnival, a get-together or some hangout – that might take place in this city, or at any other city or country. Also, I enjoy our TectIQs more than any type of religious festival intentionally, like Eid, Holi, Christmas, Diwali, Easter, etc.

Finally, I want to give a message to all current and former Iqrians that they should try not to miss this forthcoming annual mega event at all.

By Mutal Rahim / IUIC

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