Each and every business entity just grows up to make and earn money, whether it is a public or private one. First of all, it comes into existence at the micro level; then jumps at the smaller level; then reaches at the medium level; and then apparently grows larger. This is the very first or an initial goal that this business body wants to achieve, soon after its existence. After it achieves such initial goals, this organization then starts thinking about its future by the help of its own personnel, like achieving various targets, beating the rivals competitively, growing more at the larger scale, and all such things. But when that business entity almost fulfills its all such goals, then it thinks and starts growing aware about welfare for its society where it operates, just like it looks after the wellbeing for its own employees, as well.

There a numerous examples of all such business parties in this world, which grow socially responsible in this manner. So, one of these actual parties includes TectIQs an annual mega event of various competitions among students of different academic institutions that gets held at Iqra University Islamabad during every November/December. It is carrying out social responsibilities to bring happiness and smiles onto the faces of orphaned children of many different NGOs, since some years.

I still remember that TectIQs socially started growing responsible for Pakistan Sweet Homes – that is located somewhere in Islamabad – just some years back. It happened during Season 4, i.e. just 2 years back. The small children of this orphanage were invited by IUIC come and participate at all types of competitions just like their all other competitors from various institutions. They even got invited to attend the closing ceremony of that season along with Zamrud Khan – who was the Chief Guest for that ritual. All of these children were very happy for participating in that season.

Similarly, this time, the upcoming TectIQs’16 is organizing a Movie Night for such orphans, who would be invited from SoS Village and Pakistan Sweet Homes as guests for this one event – that would be sponsored by ’Country Marquee Events’.

Besides, TectIQs is still carrying out many other social responsibilities for the past some years. The extra amount of money that can be made from selling products all go for the welfare of society, as well.

At the end, I would like to suggest and advise TectIQs to carry out its all such social responsibilities till date

By Mutal Raheem / IUIC

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