Tectiqs’16 – National Olympiad of IUIC

Dear peers, entertainment are an inch away; we are very excited to announce the mega event of the year Tectiq’s 16 starting from 24th to 27th Nov. The make and mend of the event took immense and demanded laborious propositions to embark towards Tectiq’s 16. Our diversified teams have come with inventiveness’s, which will register a new era through Iqra University Islamabad Campus by providing opportunities for immense social networking. Individual do not matter and at Iqra University Islamabad, we believe in a team work, yes this is our strength and will remain InshaAllah. The entire teams of Tectiq’s 16 deserve immense applause.
Iqra University is blessed with talented people either in the capacity of students or employees, today our event has been facilitated by such innovators, who proved to be best among the best. We are honored and privileged that the prevailing event is driven by Mr. Ali Farooq (Supervisor Services), Mr. Saqib Bhatti (Supervisor), Mr. Asim Kazmi (Director Marketing) and Mr. Anas (Director Services).
Contemporary environment urges to have initiatives which will further propel the domain of educational learning and the said event is imperative.
Substantial Universities, colleges and schools from various cities of Pakistan are invited and participating accordingly in the said event. Tectiq’s 16 provide ample room for students of any strata of society to enjoy the lively performances of students, singers of national fame starting from Nov 24 till Nov 27, 2016. Not to mention the said event will be having movie night, a night with Music Club, A night with drama Club and A concert Night.
Peers have fun and enjoy your precious time. We at Iqra University always comprehend the extracurricular activities in such manner, so that every tier of students can have the comfort zone pertaining to the proposition of enjoyment. May Allah bless us All ameen.

by Misbah Riaz / IUIC

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