Cross your fingers because the biggest and best event of 2016 has opened its doors. Enthusiasm, passion, hard word and creativity are flowing out of the doors of one of the mega events of the year… Yes, you are right it’s Tectiq’s16. The amazing and fabulous Team of Tectiqs’16 is trying their best to rock this event. From directors to actors, mentors to sponsors, marketing to media, coordinates to subordinates, everyone is trying hard to make a history of cheerful event along with the series of educational, creative and sensational competitions. This year Tectiqs’16 will be full of fun, creativity, excitement, medals, certificates, drams, music, competitive spirit and lot more. This time, our media team is more active and promoting this mega event of Tectiqs’16 nationwide… Chairman HEC, many actors, singers and other celebrities are wishing team Tectiqs’16 luck for their success. Media and Coordination team is launching promotional video of this mega event soon. For the very first time in the history of Tectiqs, the most talented, and creative students of Iqra University Islamabad Campus are performing marvelously on DOSTI song in promotional video. The joyful explosion of Tectiq’s16 will blast with its colorful events in November. The fun will be continuing for four days 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th of November with its vibrant ambiance to make you energize and refresh for the next whole year. We are proud to announce that this year Tectiq’s16 is six years old… more mature, stronger and more prosperous with more polished, hard working and passionate team members. More than 45 events in just four days will be fun. So Ladies and Gentlemen! Keep your best wishes, close to your heart and watch what happens. Gear yourself up and wish us luck for the success of this signature event of IQRA University Islamabad campus.

By Misbah Riaz / IUIC

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