The Day I Died!

And a day less or more

At sea or ashore,

We die-does it matter when?

Alfred Tennyson – (1809-1892)

Life contains such events from happiness to sadness, from anxiety to disappointments, from pleasant situations to the damn hectic routine or towards the most heinous parts. It’s the journey from the day we get birth towards the day our life ends. It’s the era from zero to hero, the one who lives must encounter the death. Dying is easy? What about living? What about living dead?

It was a bright sunny afternoon in the winters. A young lady from my neighboring houses came to my house having a wrecking story. The woman had tears in her her eyes, while talking her voice shaking, trembling voice broke the news that my parent’s sweet little angel (daughter) met an accident today and is severely injured. This news nearly gave them a mini heart attack. Definitely, It was a shocking news that spread all over. The other side of day where I was lying on the deathbed wasn’t conscious. I opened my blurred eyes and saw my family standing worried there. Anxious, stressed, curious and wanted to know how am feeling now?  What happened? How did it happen? Why did it happen? Am I will be okay soon? What about my injuries? The moment I felt that it was so obvious to be died at the moment when a speedy truck hit my car. A sudden stroke crushed it like anything. Several emotions of mixed feelings captured my mind. When I got conscious to my senses I thought upon my personal loss. What if I don’t feel my legs? Or any of my body part to which I didn’t bother about but yes! What if they are gone? I followed my nervous instinct and I wanted to feel everything. I was bewildered, out of my senses but later I felt them. Those joyous ecstatic feelings left me satisfied. Oh, my God! I am fine? Yes! things are okay with me now. That’s so good. The doctors called this a miracle which made my parents satisfied. I bowed my head in sajood and thanked Allah Almighty for the supreme favor. I can’t thank HIM enough. Yes, the ultimate truth is that whoever lives, must taste dead. But my Almighty gave me another chance to live to repent to make myself a better person. Living another life sounds a beautiful precious gift to me which my Lord gave me ultimately transformed my way of thinking , my lifestyle even my way of dealing things changed forever.

As, everyone knows death is terrifying, strange things ever happened to anyone when we live, not living anymore. Not doing things which we do when we are alive and we certainly don’t know what will happen next? We as ordinary entities won’t be able to know these facts as they are beyond our human perception.

So , the most terrifying of ills, is nothing to us, since so long as we exist, death is not with us: but when death comes, then we do not exist.(Epicurus 341-270 BC) Greek philosopher.


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  1. rizz
    December 3, 2016 at 3:16 pm — Reply

    good attempt urooj

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