The foundation of cryptography

The methods of cryptography gives information on the evolution of cryptography that how a device is being used to send and receive secret messages. The birth of this secret method of passing messages have started 4000 years ago in the Egyptian town and is still being used today in the digital dialect era.

Problem to be solved


The problem was the methods of decryption or decoding the secret messages sent to the different people in the different era. Different techniques were used to decrypt the data or information. However some of the information get caught on the way to any of the recipient.The substitution, poly alphabetic and the vigenere square cypher methods were developed to break down the code.While using the Vignere square technique, each page is used to encrypt and decrypt one message and then destroyed but the weakness discovered was the repetition of the key. The method is still used today is online transaction processing utilized for the encryption of the most secret way of communication or perfect secrecy.

Claimed contributions

The main contributions were the usage of cryptography in the 20th century. When we have stepped into the digital world, our primary means of communication and our working lives or the increasingly personal lives demand a secure communication. The Internet, mobile phones, and other media carry the private and the sensitive messages of ordinary citizens, business, government and all manner of criminals and terrorists. Legitimate governments and law enforcement bodies ensure national security.PGP is a software package designed to provide an encryption capability for email.

The result discovered all the fundamental techniques of public key cryptography. The key exchange and the RSA techniques were developed.




Data Encryption Standard, In 1972 the US NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS began the search for an encryption algorithm that could be tested and certified. After several practice, an IBM offered the US government an algorithm.DES is a SYMMETRIC BLOCK cypher based on a 64-bit block. The user feeds in a 64 block of plain text and is returned 64 bits of ciphertext. The algorithm and key are used for the encrypting and decrypt operations.


This software package is designed to provide an encryption capability for e-mail and was originally developed by PHILIP ZIMMERMANN who began working on the algorithm in the late 1980’s

Its capability to intercept electronic communication as the development of a viable cryptographic product. The complete package was downloaded onto the internet so that it could be distributed as freeware. This, of course, created maximum heart-burn for the US government.


RSA is the asymmetric cypher which is the result of classified research, discovered all the fundamental techniques of public key cryptography in 1975. Some three years before the Life-Hellerman RSA technique were developed because of who they were and where they worked it took another 25 years before they put their hands up.

The encrypted method is developed or whenever a better method of cryptography is used decryption or cracking of the codes were developed.So the author wants to emphasize the development of better methods of encryption which cannot be easily broken and should be in useful hands so that the data and the information remain secured or in the right hands.

Potential research extensions

Further implementations are the better and fastest algorithm techniques for the encryption of data, or the security of data should not be reliable or ineffective or cause any of the ambiguity in the information.

How the cryptography was used 4000 back and is still in used. What was the need of conveying the secret messages and why the decryption method was required? Hence people learned to demand a better and a secure means of communication which gives birth to better methods of cryptography.


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