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The Game Changer

 Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

This idea has been practically implemented in the form of Fori Mazdoori by a man who has traveled the world like Gulliver, has inspired thousands of young entrepreneurs and students; his name is Dr. Musstanser Tinauli. He believes that prosperous Pakistan is necessary for its strategic placement in the continent. This strategic placement can be attained through social inclusion of labor force by empowering them through Information Technology.

Fori Mazdoori is a digital service that helps connect labour with potential employers through smart-phone apps, website and SMS based services.

Labors are backbone of economy. Pakistan has one of the largest labour and manpower resources in the world, due to its large population, which is the sixth largest in the world. According to data produced by the CIA World Factbook, the total number of Pakistan’s labour force is 57.2 million, making it the ninth largest country by available human workforce. About 43% of this labour is involved in agriculture, 20.3% in industry and the remaining 36.6% in other services.

This is an era of information technology and those who cannot have access to these game changer gadgets always stay below in the pyramid. Lets change the paradigm and lets help labors by providing them the batter job finding opportunities through digital services like Fori Mazdoori.

About Fori Mazdoori

FM is a labor welfare system which operates with the idea of changing the way especially unskilled labor find jobs all across South Asia. By creating a social network for labor, it aims to connect labor with the potential employer. Rather than dilly dallying and squandering money in the process of finding the right labor worker, you can use FM to directly connect to your next driver, maid or mason.

How does it work?

FM simply requires the use of a smartphone. The FM smartphone apps allow users to search as well as add labor in a database maintained by the FM system. The app contains profiles of labor workers containing sufficient detail about their names, skills and experiences. Say, for instance, you need to hire an electrician to fix wiring at your house. Access the app, choose city, category (electrician) and the app will pop up a list of available electricians near you.

Be a Game changer?

FM is always welcome enthusiastic volunteers and interns.  If you see things differently, ready to take challenges and wish to join and lend a helping hand, you may reach them on their Facebook pages here and here or on Twitter here and here. Once you fill out the standard volunteer form, FM will sign you up as part of the volunteer community. The team has previously partnered with independent youth as well as students from various universities such as NUST , FJWU  and Punjab University.

Dr. Musstanser spent lots of time with youth and believe that they are amazing, they are urging for leadership roles we must let them take this nation forward. Because the people who are determined enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Fori Mazdoori is his brainchild. He holds a PhD in Design from Politecnicodi Milano. He has also led a high profile project ‘Trash Track’ at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the past. In addition, Dr. Tinauli has lived and worked in China, Italy Malaysia, Norway and the USA.

Dr. Tinauli started focusing more on South Asia earlier in the year 2013 after establishing his own company with the support of Simula Research Laboratory (SRC), Norway, where he was employed as Innovation Manager. Since then he has given several keynotes and workshops (focused on innovation. Design thinking, social innovation, social Entrepreneurship) in flagship events of the American Embassy such as Global Entrepreneurship Week and International Youth Alumni Conference as well as with several prestigious Universities and institutes  (such as Punjab University, NUST,MAJU, Kinnaird College Lahore & National Inst. of Banking and Finance). He has also spoken in a couple of TEDx events and being interviewed by National and international media like BBC, CNN and Kay 2, ITP Fm 92.4.

In past Dr. Tinauli has lead several high profiled and innovative projects such as Trash Track at MIT a project that made the concept of “Internet of Things” a reality and also presented the world with a scenario where 100 percent recycling was a possibility. One of his interviews on the project can be accessed at:

He has also collaborated with several Cities including New York, Seattle, Bolzano and Baerum. Along with several international publications his works have been exhibited in Seattle Public Library, London Museum and Architectural League of New York. He could be reached through Twitter@musstanser; Facebook/mustanswer1 and

  • Download Fori Mazdoori apps for iOS here and here.
  • Download Fori Mazdoori apps for Android here.

Only together we will change the world.

 Written By: Friends of Fori Mazdoori

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