“The human in you” By: Bint-e-Arshad

I was watching Grey’s Anatomy the other day and it got me thinking. I was having one of those moments where you feel like you’re a descendent of da Vinci’s or Iqbal’s. Then you reach that conclusion that makes you feel like you just finished a thesis for your PhD. Well, I got that feeling when it dawned on me what a responsible position I am going to be holding in society as a doctor. I mean, people are going to be come up to me and let me be in charge of their lives, make decisions that would affect their whole family.

Nowadays, our young generation thrives to make as much money as possible. Surely at the beginning, students are motivated by good reasons. Whether it be cartoons or superhero movies, their role models or the wrong that they see in society, they strive to do good and bring justice to the world. However, usually, there is only one goal left by the time they get their diplomas, degrees or jobs. And that is to make as much money as possible; to support their family, their parents, to fulfill the wishes and dreams they had dreamed of in college.

Whatever occupation one acquires, there are responsibilities resting on one’s shoulders. Be it a doctor, policeman, teacher, soldier, lawyer, mufti/priest, etc., humans of the society, even kids, look up to them as role models. These are the people one goes to when in distress. And we expect them to be sincere, to help us and give us good advice.

Nobody knows the future; no one knows what life is going to throw at them next. Nobody can predict their future and know what they are going to be. Perhaps one moment you are enrolled to become an engineer, next you find yourself back in the miserable FSc classes studying for medicine. Nevertheless, you can control the human in you. That human either becomes aloof to the wrong they’re doing or becomes the hero they thought they would.

It’s not that one should be poise and righteous and all that. It’s just a matter of wishing well for yourself, as well as for the people around you. If people don’t have trust in you, how will they come to you in their time of need? More importantly, who will we go to in our time of need? So, as Gandhi said, “To see the change, you have to be change.”

By: Bint-e-Arshad


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