THE INSIDE DEVIL by Hooria Khawar

    Lately I’ve been pushing myself to understand the meaning of life. It was like I spent my whole life chasing unneeded dreams, more likely while following the shine before me, I have been dunk deepen into the shadows behind.

Man is a sole creature who can never get satisfied with the numberless blessings he has, instead he would always pursue the path of agony defying the happiness’s unleashed before him. Right there, sunk deepen down there inhabits the inside devil. I would like to define the inside devil as the antagonist of positive energy of a being or we might say man’s own unheard words. The words which pierce through the seventh skin down all the way to the positivity inside and envelopes it with all the distressing never understandable concepts.

If my experience counts, my suggestion would always be to grasp the thread of the positivity inside you before we lose our grip. As they say a positive mind state would always see a glass half-filled while a negative state of mind would always see it half empty.

It never ceases to amaze me that how much it would be difficult to comprehend the importance of lives over money or lies over wishes. In the struggle of chasing our dreams we literally lose the hand who helped us in climbing over to the running train of our dreams but sadly the delusional station of world captivates our whole attention.

It’s been a long odyssey of man struggling for wants. The insanity we get for the utter desire, the craving for the longing, the burning for the yearning, every living soul must have experienced this gut-wrenching yet full of lessons journey. But only if it could yield some good results. Always two possibilities comes out of it, either we get a path or more likely we might completely lose the track. The only way to get over this nerve-aching voyage is to earn the understanding to get rid of the charade which split you into halves.

It’s an eerie kind of situation that every millionth nerve inside my body is electrified to write and blather on and on. Well to sum it all up in a nutshell I would like to say, do not be afraid of the thunderstorm that hits you, it definitely beholds the possession of power and you never know it befalls right in front of you, just have the inspiration and courage to gather the possession and make a throne to be the Queen. Do not let your inside devil ruin the power you’re given with, believe in yourself because even a lavished building was once a destructed piece of dust.


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yumna Iftikhar

yumna Iftikhar