New Year, festive seasons like Ramadan, Eids, Islamic & International occasion’s celebrations are held across the globe with their foundation in those distinguished occasions as festive retreats. The very heartfelt part of this ever changing rhythm of human rituals and festivities is presenting and honoring with gifts to their loved ones, those make the occasion or festivity more glorious and nostalgic for the receiver and also for the presenter.

Gifts, presents or treats still have a vital influence upon the lives of people who take them with those who give, even in today’s so called dynamic world. I ever wondered that what could be the best gift of any one we know, or in any relation which could beautifully describe our feelings and emotions towards the receiver. What are the best available gifts that could sustain their vitality over a long period of time?

A gift represents ones inner thoughts and emotions for other special person. Gifts are exchanged in a larger number between the family members, friends and loved ones. In family one enjoys many relations which all have their prestigious importance, but the relationship shared by a “The Mother” and a “Daughter” cannot be expressed in words, or have any lingual expression, so out of so many distinguished gifts, what could be the best gift of a mother to her daughter…

The gift which sustains its value through a life time and even after that, the gift which resides its beauty over the ages, the gift which doesn’t get older, vanishes, or fades in any sense of understanding, also that which connects not only two souls with each other but to The One (ALLAH (SWT)).

There might be many other worldly delights but out of which two are the most invaluable, which could not be replaced with any other gift or materialistic ornament. Purest form of meditation “The Salat” and the complete message from the divine “The Glorious Quran” are two such gifts which that have no simile or metaphor in any of the forms of the world from a mother to a daughter. As Salat is the complete meditation with supplication and Glorious Quran is the word of ALLAH (SWT) so the learning and understanding both of these rituals of Islam are obligatory for all the Muslims but in case of daughter and mother it is deep rooted and spread over the generations. A daughter represents the whole generation and if she is ornamented with these beautiful jewels of the most beloved religion then what else could be the invaluable gift for her from her mother, in this world and here after.

Think Again! 

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yumna Iftikhar

yumna Iftikhar