The Lesser Entities!

What if you are lonely, dispersed, abandoned, disguised, being mocked by the every person you cross by?. What if your heart has died in million ways and your body isn’t? Your nerves are always high but you can’t them show to the other world? You are cursed … you are blocked by your relatives and left in the cruel world where there isn’t any worth of your tears. You die no one cares? You live …no one cares ? Lack education.. The rights aren’t for you… The life of ‘lesser entities’ is a hell as it is not recognized by the common mass.

They have being slapped by the harsh reality. Or being very psychologically backed from every perspective. Do you ever feel to hide yourself under the tons of makeup’s and still feel ugly?? They do!

Humans always desire for love , being understood by their close ones. What if you try and not being understood any inch of your tings gone within yourself and not come out? Yes, if you want to tell others how degrade-fully you have been treated by the society and the ones from you have taken birth has abandoned you, …physically…morally…socially…psychologically , mentally even not the pure air you breath in gives you pure oxygen . How sad is this being a trans-gender?
The normal people like you and me, may not even get the hinge of it how it feels to be a degraded gender but many who are living this way may have the very accurate idea to know the hideous behavior of our so called mannered society.
We the people of high tastes and standards call them ‘higras, khusraas, a third gender , a transgender .
A person who’s gender isn’t confirmed whether to give a name of male or female , whose identity is absurd , who is abandoned by parents , how can live normally as a person or human? Wait! Do we even consider them humans???
Earlier in the Mughal Era they were reputed to the higher positions in Mehal as the guardians of heram. They were also taken as the main part of their cultural norms by a symbol of trustworthy workers.
More over they were closestest to the kings and queens as their advisors.But the common massive behavioral inequality is shown around the globe from centuries.
You can find the scars , wrecked bodies even their minds full of doubt and disguised appearances to be evidenced.

Recently a barbaric act on this community has gone viral on Internet, may has opened the eyes of many but still OUR HIGHER authorities are unable to provide the basic rights to the suffered community .
By the way who will accept them if their own parents curse them like anything?
Hats off to a private channel which is on airing the most sensitive issue of this society in “Khuda Mera Bhi Hai”. The writer seems to very enthusiastic to share an ordinary story in a very manageable way by giving the audience a state of mind to accept another entity.
Earlier this issue was also raised by Shoaib Mansoor in “BOL”. (criticized by many)
The idea again was to accept the taboo of our this society  which unfortunately we haven’t accepted this on a broader level. To sum up, not only government but we should also accept them the way they are by giving them equal opportunities of employment and education. Respect them as they are. As if we are considering them as ‘Lesser Entities ‘ DON’T! B,ecause the same God has created them, Who created us.Lets be open minded and break the usual bond that’s been enforced to us in many ways.

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