The Prevalent Dilemma of Choosing Right Subject

Excuse me for being hypercritical! This time i am going to pinpoint a serious issue prevailed in students but it is as neglected as internet explorer in Desktop computer. The issue which our youth is victim of from decades, It is none other than choosing appropriate subjects wisely for career building. Most of the students enrolled in our academic institutions don’t even know what they will get out of their education and which courses are going to fit in the pivot of their interest and career .


Let’s dig into the causes firstly, the first and foremost reason is lack of proper guidance. Obviously one can’t expect this guidance stuff to be done by teaching staff, who are so obsessed with outdated books that it’s very difficult for them to think otherwise. Our education system is devastated as other Govt. departments. It determines your memorization not intelligence and creativity.

No body is trying to fix this. Let me narrate my story, i have always been a bright student. As soon as i entered into college i became worried about my future and was quite frustrated during this shot period of 2 years. And the most annoying fact is that i had more information about admissions, entrance test and career than my other class mates. I used to inform students about latest admission opening. What happened few of those guys secured their admissions in esteemed universities, rest of them put their hands up in helplessness. They thought it’s an end to their expectations of having a bright future. Is it their fault? may be College’s? No! They were not guided at all about their subject selection in schools and this is where the fault is.


Some parents do their best in ruining child’s life by forcing them to opt subject of their choice. This is completely ridiculous that those who don’t even know which subject has best scope in present time guide students as if they were career advisers. Relatives also do their part in giving useless advices to confused students. They will force you to either opt Engineering as career or choose Medical. For Heaven’s sake stop with this rubbish tone.

By analyzing the situation we found that there should be a guiding system at school level where the students could be able to decide their future career wisely.


Schooling is the first brick for career building

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