The Pursuit of Innovation BY Sitwat Zahra

The Pursuit of Innovation

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Finding a better way to do something is a principal motive of innovation, building a better mouse trap, as an innovator thinks…

This theme should be common among the very ideas that lie in the hands of bright young people. One who have the passion to do something for themselves, and moreover for the entire community. The relationship between the individual and the community is that of the barrier. This give and take relationship needs to be understood and carried out on both sides.

The main barrier which usually is thought of, to innovation is access to finance. But firstly the concern for our society is the passion of self-help and the negation in return of that effort. Next important step is that of the appreciation of an individual who strives for some sort of an activity at an academic level or at the official level. Particularly for the youngsters, an academic level to the practical level to the practical life, they are not into a healthy competition. It seems rather as if we are into some sort of selfish fight which has to won, either by any means.

All of us have passion, think of as if we can achieve and do what so ever we want. But the main entity which is always neglected is that of sacrifice, care and working in a community. We dream of being like the American and European nations but forget that the basic needs to be first sorted out. The need of the hour is not innovating any mechanical birds or visible screens in the air. We need to have focused minds, integrated thoughts and richness of intellectual thoughts. As an individual we have to have responsive attitude. This attitude creates a group, influencing a society and forming a nation’s strength.

The key to motivation is state managementThis means conditioning yourself to feel a certain way via techniques like anchoring (connecting an emotion to a physical trigger).This strategy of managing emotional and intellectual motivation is much more technical terms. Shortly, we need to get started off with the thin lines that I already have mentioned in the very start of my writing. The person striving for the innovation has to have a clear head and prudent behaviour. This ultimately will be confidante achievement not only for that particular person but a collective win…..

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