The Sun of My Sky

Drops of water flow down my cheeks
when I realize what I have lost in my life;
my inspiration, my courage, my strength

I feel tears stinging my eyes
when I don’t get your caress on my brow again
The caress which was always mine to motivate me
How to face adversity when hurdles deter me

I know I have lost you but I don’t know why
Every night I hold your picture on my heart
To meet you in my dreams

Sometimes, I wake up at witching hour to find you in your room
Ah, I keep on finding you here and there
when I cannot find you in the rooms I rush outside
To see if you are on your chair finding your those three stars in the sky
But all in vain I find your chair empty

Gracious me! I still do not let the kids make noise
Because I know you have just slept and taken your medicine
And I want you to sleep in the world of peace

Yet I do not turn off the light of your room because I can’t see you in dark
I keep on burning candles because you have been the light in my life
And I can’t let the sun of my sky in the dark

My tears ring a bell when you used to say, “My daughter! I can’t stand a single tear in your eyes.”
But now when I get torrent of grief-stricken tears
How can you stand them?
Why can’t I find you around to wipe off my tears? Why?

And the reality raises my goose flesh
when I actually realize you are really no more with me
I ask myself, is it life?
Every light of my life will leave me in this way?
And they’ll never be back??? Never!!

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