The Tolerance – WE NEED

Tolerance is something you are not born with, it is nurtured in your lifetime by you, your family and by the things around you. And to me tolerance is much more than bearing something or someone. It is more about accepting someone, the way they are, without asking them to change or pointing them out. Because if someone or someone’s ideology is different from you, it is simply different from you, different does not mean wrong. Although the laws and freedom urge us to tolerate, some intolerable things pave the way to intolerance. Somebody shows intolerance if he has a hostile or aggressive behavior toward someone and doesn’t agree with him and his beliefs. People should always try to see the good side of things but unfortunately when we analyze the society where we live we are obliged to see that there is a big place for intolerance. It’s due to frustration, stupidity or complex and sometimes in some countries freedom of speech, religion, thinking are not guaranteed and nobody reacts to destroy intolerance.

You should have the courage and heart to accept this, don’t be a racist, don’t promote hatred. No two people are exactly alike in this world. Everyone even identical twins, have their own viewpoints and own experiences. You want it or not, you have to admit that everyone has an equal right to express his own opinion and view and you can’t deny this right to him. Do you have to agree with this different opinion guy? No, but you can just respect his views and opinions to differ because as I mentioned earlier different is different, different does not mean that you go out to hunt people with daggers drawn. You do not have to like the same food or music as your friends, practice the same religion, or dress the same way. But you might want to be open to learn about those differences. An important part of growing is being willing to learn new things. Being open to see new things and learning about other people without negatively prejudging them is a form of tolerance. But does tolerance mean that all behaviors have to be accepted? No, of course not. Behaviors that disrespect or hurt others, should not be tolerated. Respect is about accepting people for who they are for their best selves. Tolerance also means treating others the way you would like to be treated.

Individuals should continually focus on being tolerant of others in their daily lives. This involves consciously challenging the stereotypes and assumptions that they typically encounter in making decisions about others and working with others either in a social or a professional environment.

Educators are instrumental in promoting tolerance and peaceful coexistence. For instance, schools that create a tolerant environment help young people respect and understand different cultures. In Israel, an Arab and Israeli community called Neve Shalom or Wahat Al-Salam (“Oasis of Peace”) created a school designed to support inter-cultural understanding by providing children between the first and sixth grades the opportunity to learn and grow together in a tolerant environment.

The basic right of every human being is the right for life. We should all be born to grow to study,to share life and the world with people around us. If we cannot accept other´s opinions, the problem is not in the way they think, but it´s in our attitude towards them. In short Tolerance means to treat others the way you would like to be treated.

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fahad farooq

fahad farooq