“They bled green” By: Areeba Rashad

“They bled green”

The gun has, since the day of its invention, roared to silence. Silence the oppressed, silence enemies. For years, guns have been roaring in our motherland, unfortunately, used by enemies of the state, warring against innocents. The url1Pakistan army has always played a frontline role in war against terror but our enemy is a coward and an ill minded entity; it has targeted not only the army but also innocent civilians. Even so, the morale of my nation soars high. Recently, an attack of cowardice on students of Army Public School in Peshawar made tears fall from every eye. The enemy thought that by attacking the children of those serving in the army, the nation would be heartbroken and would surrender. As much of an impressive and uncanny approach it was, had the enemy the slightest idea that it was facing the nation with traditions so strong, they ran in their blood, and who were the followers of Muhammad Tariq-bin-Ziad, it would have thought twice before attacking.

It was a very smart approach, as the Pakistan army was defeating them in the battlefield, so they thought to press them down and punch their spirits harder by taking away from them their youth and terrorizing them against obtaining education! The blood and sacrifices of the martyrs show that this is a nation of warriors, where everyone wants to embrace martyrdom, follow the bravery of Ali (R.A), carry the traditions of Tipu Sultan and last of all fear no one except Allah.

My heart salutes and my mind praises the bravery of the students of APC, Peshawar who made history and set an everlasting example of courage and determination by going back to the same place where their friends were burnt to death, where their teachers were slaughtered and where they actually saw how ruthless their enemy could be.

Not just the peshawar attack but since the era of General Retired Pervaiz Musharraf we’ve been facing the tragic loss of precious lives in the bomb blasts. They’ve been so many that the nation has lost count. The attack on Kamra Air Base was also of the same intensity as that of Peshawar, in which so many army officers embraced martyrdom. Mothers lost their children, the army lost its best trained officers, the nation lost its most dutiful citizens. My eyes still remember the sight of fire rising from the rooftop of Marriott hotel in Islamabad; the first lady prime minister of the Islamic world, Benazir Bhutto, who gave courage to countless women to step forward and fight for their rights, fell prey to and was shot dead by the criminal masterminds playing with the future of our nation. The Pakistani-Flag-Pictures-A-child-looks-at-Pakistani-flag-with-respect-Pakistan-Flag-ImagesPeshawar attack was the final straw, it united our nation to fight and stand up for the common cause and against the common enemy. Those martyrs are and will always be the true heroes of our youth. Their act of embracing martyrdom with courage will always inspire us, strengthen us, enlighten us.

I, being a Pakistani, take pride in the future that awaits my country, where children belonging to an era of terrorism, aim high enough to achieve wonders and still dare to lay down their lives for Pakistan.


By: Areeba Rashad


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