You Think Suicide Is The Only Solution To Every Problem?

Suicide and attempted suicide has become a major problem in Pakistan. It is one of the most important health issues that we are facing today. Every day we get to read in the newspaper headlines like “girl hanged herself for not having the right to marry of her own choice, boy driven to suicide by bullies” and vice versa. The number of suicides is increasing day by day in our country. Being a part of an underdeveloped country we have other important issues such as poverty and illiteracy that we are unable to collect the exact figure about the suicidal rate in Pakistan. The only known thing is that the ratio of suicide between males and females is 2:1 and that is men are more likely to suicide than women in the current scenario.

Why to suicide?

HOPE is the only key upon which this world is standing. When we lose hope we lose literally everything. Cruel situation and hardships break the back bone of a man and he ultimately loses hope. He feels as if the only solution left is to get rid of this life which has become a burden now and so he commits suicide.

Now what? The person has gone but he leaves behind an endless misery for his family and friends. The question is WHY would they do that? Just because of the mere hardships and bad time would they do this? No. Everyone in this world is struggling but not all of them go for this very step. The people who do this cowardly act of taking their own lives must be going through something that not all of us can imagine. The question is What has made them to do this? And the answer is that somewhere at some point we are the ones who played a role in pushing that person to do such a crime. Why we had been so ignorant to feel that what’s the other person whom we see every day is going through? After hearing such news why do we get in a shock when we are also responsible of his condition to some extent?

Is this the only solution?

One of my very close friend tried to commit suicide twice. When he was only a little innocent kid and he says life seemed like a burden to him and he thought nobody would care if he would not be around instead they would feel relaxed after him. It could be his stupidity but again why did he feel the need of taking his own life?

Do the people who attempt suicide think that this is the only solution to the problem? If they have done a mistake which cannot be undone then suicide would be another great mistake after that.


If at any point of your life you get to have suicidal thoughts the very first thing you should do is to avoid those thoughts. For that you would have to stay around people more and never be alone so that you can divert your mind to other things.  You think your problem is the biggest one and it will never solve in your life? Don’t escape. Everything gets better with time and this is the quality of good time that it doesn’t last forever.

Always remember that whosoever escapes is a coward. You would not want people to recall you with such names after you are gone instead leave them with good memories. If you still find no reason to stay alive go meet that one person who means so much to you let’s say a family member. Talk to him and things are going to work out soon.

Stay Blessed!

Written By: Farwa Jasmeen


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