Thoughts of the past life and plans for the future By Ali Ahmad Mufti

Thoughts of the past life and plans for the future

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Thoughts of the past and working’s for the future make our present busy. In our lives there are so many experiences that we make every day from taking a start of the day till end, from opening our eyes till closing ,from taking step out of the house till entering ,every day is flying like a bird but the sign’s remain in our minds of the day ,of the week ,month and sometimes a year , memories are save in our minds that we have done in our child hood , and from every experience that we had done we have learnt something by our own thinking’s whether it was good or a bad one, we have a thought after every experience that what we have to avoid and what has to be done in future But there are some minds they work for the future but can’t let themselves from their past “thinks about the past and remains in the past are two different concepts “you have heard a lot about this quote that “one should not forgive one’s past” that’s true … one should not forgive that what he/she was in the past after having a lot in present, but do not let your minds lost in the past because for making a bright future for making progress in the running life you have to let your self out from the problems that the one has faced in the past, shocks are need to be vanished from one’s mind If the one remains in past there will be something negative in expressions and thinking’s as well whether it would be a state of anger, or will be sometime depressed and the one who has taken some conclusion from his past and made mind for the future will be having a practical mind with some plans and will remain calm and good observer as well. Up’s and down’s are the part of every one’s life, But how to react and how to tackle the scenario is totally dependent on the person’s mind who is facing the situation. Remember this thought, everyone has the past and has done mistakes as well, resulting the conclusion and making a promise to oneself that not to make it again will surely help the one to make one self relax and to work better for the coming times.

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