Thousand years of Life!

Thousand years of Life!

We all have heard of Egyptian mummies and were astonished at some stage of our lives right? But modern science has quite explained how the bodies were preserved for like thousands of years! By using various salts and chemicals! Yes, it does not sound quite a new thing for us. How? Well we do make pickles don’t we? Alright alright this is food and okay it is not going to preserve our mangoes and carrots for thousands of years. But the basic concept is the same whether it is a treat for your taste buds or not!

All of us do believe that one day or the other we have to die. Every soul has to taste death. But our ancestors, most commonly the elite class which includes the kings and the queens or emperors, thought of something that every man ever lived would have wanted- to escape death or to have a very prosperous life after death. It maybe a part of the cultural traditions. If you ever heard of mummies you might have had some idea of the history of human psychology and culture behind it. As a first year medical student, the greatest ordeal for me was to step inside the dissection hall. It gave me nightmares for months! The first thing that we ever observe is the body is shrunken, the bony prominence are very much clear and there is contracted musculature that has begun to decompose or is already undergoing the process. In medical terms the contracture is called Rigor Mortis which is because of lack of the enough energy required to relax the muscles. Anyhow, a common observation is contracted, immovable joints. The bodies that we study in our Anatomy sessions are no different even though they have undergone embalming procedures. The point is, it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to think that a human corpse can be preserved in the way a fresh body could look like!

  530763828686aI thought the same until I heard about this wet mummy concept of China. In 1970s some archaeologists found a tomb and inside it a mummified body. When the body was exposed, it was thought that this might be only composed of some bones or may be just like the Egyptian mummy concept. But! But! But?! It was really very surprising to see that the mummy has a wet body, just like someone would expect from a fresh body. It was actually possible to move and flex her arms and legs. You read it right! The mummy was of a woman who died two thousand years ago according to the archaeologists and experts! Xin Zhui got fame when her tomb was found inside a hill in a city of China. She was the member of a royal family.

It is impossible to believe it without watching so I will be sharing the link of one of the documentaries I watched myself as I was as surprised as you might be! The studies revealed much interesting facts about her. Her history may become a little too lengthy and boring so I will be sharing only the related facts here. The mummy rose so much pressure for the doctors. No one volunteered to study it as it was, and had to considered as the legacy or something really, extremely, very important discovery of the Chinese ancestors. Finally a group of doctors agreed and the body was autopsied , this opened up her interior which was actually incredible! The organs were in better state than the specimen found in teaching hospitals, well yes considering the age too. There was still blood in her veins. The most fascinating part was brain which looked as if it was exposed to decomposition for a few minutes to hours.
The studies continued, on the body and the tomb. The tomb was actually found to be an inverted pyramid inside the ground. The body was wrapped in silk and put in vacuum sealed boxes, buried beneath layers of Charcoal and white clay. Even this cannot prevent the inevitable decomposition process. There was some liquid found with the body which was and still is a mystery. It is thought by some researchers that the liquid contained something that helped preserve the body in such a great state for a body more than two thousand years ago! It was found to be mildly acidic and had Magnesium.  But some say that it might be the humid soil of the area that slowly, over the years, reached the tomb via small microscopic spaces. It can be right considering the time duration.
The medical research on the body continued to find the causes of her death and many interesting discoveries were made! She had some serious love of food (which was also evident by the preserved foods and various eating pots found by archaeologists). She was fat, and had fused lower spines of her back which might be the reason of obesity because of limited mobility. Her blood vessels were in good shape and studies showed that she also had blocked coronary artery (okay so apparently it is not just a problem of the modern era only and heart diseases occurred thousands of years ago as well!) and a blocked bile duct due to gall stones. They even found the melon seeds in her stomach which she might have gulped without chewing or throwing out. Whatever the cause of death was, she died like every person that ever lived has, or will. But her death didn’t make her fall into darkness. She made it to 1970s and created many questions in the minds of our modern scientists who seem to be illiterate in front of their ancestors years ago for they couldn’t find the secret ingredient that actually led to such a wonder. 
These mummies are termed as Life-like Wet Mummies and many of them have been discovered. The only thing yet to be found is the secret formula!
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