It is the time to undo the damage: Perform healthy Stretches


If you are techno service person, then you undoubtedly spend a lot of time sitting.  You just take a lunch, dinner or tea break and then sitting at your chair, back for work. However spending more time sitting at one place and working for hours is not good for health. You might have experience that you feel your butt, hips so tight or even numb which make you unable to walk or lean forward. Excessive sitting leaves your legs and hips tight, even your glutes become inactive. Even you stand after sitting for so long; the ill effects will stick with you. However, you can prevent your muscles to an ideal state when you need them.

Fitness experts

According to the fitness expert, sitting for longer times makes muscles in the hip area physically shorten. So when you stand up, the sensation of strain or numb in the hip area will be felt. No scientific studies can claim to back that effect but according to my personal experience, sitting too much or for longer periods will make your butt area tight. Many athletes who have tight legs, hips or inactive glutes, hold back some physical activities such as squatting, sprinting and deadlifting. Make sure to keep your hips in the flexible state to improve your life physical activities.

Healthy stretches

Flexible and limber legs or hips is good for health. An individual can maintain the healthy activities and motion which would prevent from any injury. You would be able to perform recreational activities and basic chores. It is good to keep your posture well by taking care of hips muscle otherwise with the passage of time you will develop neck or alleviate back pain. Following are some exercises and stretches which will undo the damage to your butt or hips.

Stretch out the hips and legs

These exercises and stretches help to loose the tight muscles of the hips as well as legs. Prevention is the remedy by moving more and sitting less. The best prevention you can do for hip mobility and glute activation is to sit less and keep yourself active for the whole day.

Leg swings

leg swings

It is one of the great dynamic stretches which you should perform before a workout. It helps to loosen the glutes, hamstrings, and hips. Starting with the forward swings is good. If you cannot perform this exercise by standing still then, you can hold something for balance. Do at least 20 swings for each leg.

Make sure to swing your leg as high you can do. If you feel your legs more tight then perform another set.

Grok squats


This is a simple squat down in which your butt touches the ankles. Make sure to keep your heels in a firm position and back must be straight. Be in the Grok squat for at least 30 to 60 seconds. When you are in this position, you will feel your lower back, quads, hamstrings, tendons and groin stretching. If your butt muscles are very stiff, then practice this position for some days.

Table pose


If you have practiced yoga, then you have known this table pigeon pose. You have to use a table in to make the stretch a bit easy for you. You will be able to stretch your muscles from various angles. So place your leg on the top of the table and bend your knee at 90 degrees. Yu can place your hand on the foot for the firm support. Now change your position by leaning left and right and hold yourself in one position for at least 30 -60 seconds. Repeat for the other leg.

However, it is good to keep proper care of your muscles. A little walk and jumping will also help you. This exercise will upturn your hip mobility and are helpful for the limberness.




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