Every female wants to look beautiful. There are much different makeup and beauty products in the market catering to the needs of the female sector. However, one of the most challenging tasks that even the top makeup artists find is to apply makeup effectively on an oily skin. You have to be extra careful when applying makeup on such sort of skin. You need to clean, moisturize, and tone your oily skin with high-quality beauty products particularly made for oily skin texture regularly. Not all the products are suitable for sensitive skin so be aware girls. Following are the tips which are very useful for the ladies with oily skin tone.

• Use a good makeup primer: the T-zone, chin, and nose are possibly the oiliest areas on your face that should be given attention and taken care of, with a good makeup primer. However, the makeup primer has to be oil free in every way otherwise, it’ll deteriorate your skin and creates more problems. You need to apply the makeup primer first after appropriately cleansing your skin and then apply any other makeup which you want.

• Be careful of your wrinkling: use of primer can cause wrinkling or creasing on your eyeliner area. For that, you have to leave the primer on regions around your eye circles and essentially all the zone encompassing your eyes.

• Use a little powder on the face: you are recommended to apply face powder but on the areas which are relatively oily. Remember using too much powder may cause your skin look worse. Also, dampen your sponge before using it.

• Blotting sheets are essential: you should have some blotting sheets with you if you really want to avoid your skin look oily. Different types of blotting sheets are easily available in the market. It is a professional tip for oily skin makeup that, remove makeup from the part where the oil is relatively more than applying blotting paper on it. Bear this in mind that the paper needs to be rolled off, not smudged off.

• Try to be oil free when you go out: Sometimes your skin looks even oilier than before and when this happens, it means that you are not using the right makeup. To become totally oil free, you are advised to invest in some good makeup (maybe a blush and a base) which do not clog the pores of your skin in any way. The majority of dermatologists believe applying makeup products which generate glycolic acid is the best choice for people having oily skin. They not only care for your skin but reduce oil production as well. You may also use products that include salicylic acid as it helps a lot too.

•Use long wears: long wears refers to the water-resistant cosmetics. It is very helpful tip for oily skin people to use as it smudges makeup; just like water due to this water-resistant cosmetics are called as life safer for such people. For better results, use water-resistant eyeliner, primer, and eyeshades.

• Care for your skin: make sure to remove all kinds of creams such as anti-aging cream from your skin properly. Use serums or moisturizers. You may also apply sunscreen but make sure it is oil free.

•Decrease oil as much as you can: An herbal mask which is specifically tailored for the skin that is oily must be used at least once a week. However, Kaolin and Bentonite are the ingredients which you should consider before purchasing your herbal mask. They discharge oil from the pores of your skin properly and treat all the impurities accordingly. A useful trick is to use a quarter of the mask and apply it with a little pressure.When you take it off, try doing so calmly that you hardly feel anything. Don’t apply it for more than 10-15 minutes. It’s not a big problem if you break it in between.

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