Trans People of Pakistan; The Humiliated Community

Believe it or not, the most ill treated community in Pakistan presently is the Transgender community. The Third Gender community is considered a ‘Taboo’ in our society and around the globe. From ‘Khwaja Sara to Hijras’ this specie has got different names to be called with. Trans people face the cruelest of behaviors everyday because they are deemed as inhuman. This only makes ‘us’ non-humans not them. Hundreds of years back, in the reign of Mughal emperors, Khwaja Saras used to enjoy a very special place in the Muslim palaces and courts. They had certain rights at that time. But nowadays they are only taken as an object of entertainment. And to much surprise they get humiliated mostly by the educated class. Guess our uncivilized forefathers treated them better than us being a supposedly well mannered educated society.

About their Population in Pakistan, Statistics says;

Just kidding, statistics do not say anything because they do not hold any confirm figure of the total population of transgender in Pakistan. Why because there has never been any effort made to carry out a census which could tell the exact number of trans people living in Pakistan. I told you they don’t consider them humans. You believe me now?

The humiliation goes on..

A transgender gave up her life on the hospital stretcher because rest of the staff was into a deeper discussion of whether she should be put into a male or a female ward. This argument was more important than her life. Don’t tell me, she was a human first and then anything. Is this discriminatory behavior justified? To some people it is and we are all among those ‘some’ people.

We are the ones, who stare at them, abash them with disgusting lines and make it unworthy for them to live.

Life being a Transgender

You may have faced rejections in life being a girl or a boy and you must have felt as if this is the end of the world. And you felt right because nothing is worse than a rejection. Now imagine getting slammed with rejection every day! And saddest part is when it’s your loved ones who don’t accept you for what you are. Your friends and family don’t want to stay in touch with you because they feel ashamed of it. Of you being a part of their circle.


Pakistani transgender community’s only way of earning is singing and dancing at weddings or to do beggary. They are unable to take regular jobs because most of them are uneducated and even if one of them gets education and a job somehow, they are screwed to the level where they think of no other thing but to quit. There are no separate institutes for these special people and obviously they choose not to go in those regular institutions to face discountenance every day.


Kajal, 25, has a heartbreaking story to tell. “A man saw me dancing at a wedding and fell in love with me. He wanted to marry me. I liked him too, but I knew I couldn’t give him children and his family would never have accepted me, so I said no. He came after me here, right outside my house. He grabbed my hair and chopped it off, and then he beat me. Everyone in the neighborhood watched but no one came to my assistance.”

                                                                                                                                           Source Dawn News

This is so pathetic to realize what we have become as a nation.

Now what to do?

Trans people deserve to be treated with care and sympathy. If you cannot help them at least don’t hush them away. They are not responsible for their condition and we need to understand this fact that God has made them this way. So if you are mocking at them be warned that you are mocking God Himself. They could be only a stock of laughter and fun for you but indeed they do have a heart inside like every one of us. It is up to you now if you still choose to be inhumane or show some humanity?

Written By: Farwa Jasmeen

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