Turning Imagination into Reality

Workshop named “Imagination to Reality”

Youth’s Conation (YC) organized a motivational workshop named “Imagination to Reality,” on Sunday 13th of March’2016. Workshop was intended to tell youth the importance of imaginations and dream; they were motivated to turn imagination into reality. Trainers in the workshop were Mehak Shahzad (Founder of Youth’s Conation), Muhammad Shafiq Aslam (Marketing Executive) and Ali Raza (Executive form BIGS Pakistan). Muhamad Bilal Mughal gave a brief introduction of YC and its activities. Farwa Munir was the anchor person. Mr. Ahmad Qureshi (Founder of NOP) was the chief guest.Youth now days is depressed, all are rushing to take degrees and get good jobs but even after getting good job and good money people are not satisfied. Workshop highlighted this concern as well and trained people that how they can receive self-satisfaction. Mehak Shahzad, during her session conducted the practice of self-evaluation, participants were encouraged to evaluate themselves in order to find the reason of their satisfaction and understand their needs. She further told how to get real happiness in life. Particularly it is hard for women in our society to go out and fight for their dreams but she motivated women as well and gave examples of her stories of struggle and success.

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Further, Ali Raza spoke on Imagination and Actualization he motivated participants to dream and follow them. He told that how the process of imagination begins and converts into reality only if we believe in it and work hard to make it true. Nothing in this world is impossible so we must make our dreams and imagination possible. What we imagine is what we think and what we think we become or we make.

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Furthermore, telling about imagination Muhammad Shafiq Aslam told that how imagination is linked with innovation. Process of creation and innovation starts from imagination, imagining things are creativity which is the need of this advanced era. His session engaged participants with different process of imaginations, workshop went very successful and effective, participants were very motivated and influenced. Feedback was very positive, and chief guest, Mr. Ahmad Qureshi was very much impressed by the efforts of Youth’s Conation and promised to provide youth maximum opportunities to initiate its further projects.


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